Top 10 Children of India’s Richest Businessmen

We all know that the Ambanis, Mittals, and Birlas are one of the top business magnets of India and often do we ask ourselves, that what are their children do to carry on their family legacy. It is easy to think that these children are born with a silver spoon, however, it is also surprising to know that they are also under constant pressure to live up to their family’s expectations at all times to continue the legacy which is already established since years of hard work from their fathers. Let see the next gen magnets and their achievements.

  1. Akash and Isha Ambani

Children of Mukesh Ambani, they are currently serving as Director of Reliance Jio and joint ventures. They were appointed as Directors in 2014 in REL Industries’ retail telecom ventures.

  1. Rishad Premji

Child of Azim Premji, Rishad is currently holding the position of Chief Strategy Officer and also the Member of the Board at Wipro. Interestingly he started his career as a manager in the banking sector and got into Wipro after appearing for an interview just like anybody else and have landed here today.

  1. Aditya Mittal

Son of Lakshmi Mittal, Aditya joined the company way back in 1997 and quickly achieved the deserving rank in the company through his business acumen like his father. He is the CFO of ArcelorMittal.

  1. Aalok Shanghvi

Child of Dilip Shanghvi, Aalok is the Senior General Manager of International Marketing for Sun Pharma. Like his father, he is also a successful entrepreneur and has also set up his own company PV Powertech which deals in solar panel manufacturing.

  1. Kavin Bharati Mittal

He is the son of Sunil Mittal, and currently serving as CEO of Hike Messenger. He did not join his father’s pioneering telecom brand Airtel, instead worked on his own and started an app messenger called Hike (a free messaging app) with over 100 million subscribers (stats data: Feb 2014 to Jan 2016)

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  1. Karan Adani

Son of Gautam Adani, he serves as Executive Director, Ports, Adani Group. Joined back in 2009, he foresees the strategic development of country’s all Adani ports.

  1. Ananyashree Birla

Daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla, she heads her founding company Svatantra Microfin Pvt. A micro-finance company providing financial assistance especially to a woman of rural India backed by her billionaire father. She started this company as she wanted to become a social entrepreneur.

  1. Roshni Nadar

She is the daughter of Shiv Nadar, and currently, holds the position of CEO in HCL Group. She also oversees the educational initiatives of the Shiv Nadar foundation.

  1. Nisa Godrej

She is the Executive Director of Godrej Consumer Products. She is the daughter of Adi Godrej and besides managing the family business she also helps at Dasra, a non-profit initiative to provide education to the girl child.

  1. Akshata Murthy

Child of Narayan Murthy, she is currently a Senior Associate at Siderian. Apart from serving in Siderian she also holds a 1.4 percent of stake in Infosys, her father’ company.




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