What is IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Procedure?

Indian Railways’ e-ticketingIndian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the Indian Railways’ e-ticketing arm allows cancellation of e-tickets booked before preparation of chart. E-tickets cannot be cancelled at rail counters. Chart preparation is done last night for trains starting till 12 noon, as per the official website, irctc.co.in. Ticket cancellation is done online and a refund is transferred directly to the account which was used to book e-tickets. Be sure to get a fresh e-reservation slip separately for an original ticket in case of partial cancellation, according to the IRCTC website.

Rules for Train Ticket Cancellation and Refund –

  • If you cancel the confirmed tickets around 48 hours before the departure of train scheduled, charges for ticket cancellation would be deducted, i.e. Rs. 240 for AC Executive Class/First Class, Rs 200 for AC First Class/2 Tier, Rs. 180 for AC Chair Car/AC 3 Economy/AC 3 Tier, Rs. 60 for Second Class, and Rs. 120 for Sleeper class. Cancellations are charged on per passenger basis.
  • In case confirmed ticket is cancelled around 12 hours before train’s scheduled departure and within 48 hours, the charges for ticket cancellation would be 25% of fare according to the minimum flat rate given above.
  • From 12 hours to around 4 hours before the departure of a train which is scheduled, charges for ticket cancellation would be 50% of the fare as per the minimum cancellation rate. You cannot cancel e-ticket once the chart is prepared. On the ticket with a confirmed reservation, no refund will be provided without cancellation of ticket or ticket deposit receipt (TDR) is not filed online around 4 hours before the departure of a train which is scheduled, as explained by IRCTC website.

Cancellation of RAC/WL Tickets

  • On Reservation against Cancellation (RAC) tickets or Wait-list ones, a refund shall be provided around 30 minutes before scheduled train departure.
  • Just like in case of confirmed tickets, RAC/WL tickets can only be cancelled online and a refund will be transferred to the account used to book tickets, excluding applicable charges for ticket cancellation.
  • Full fare is refunded to passengers having RAC, confirmed and wait-list tickets and no cancellation charge will be levied in case train is running late by around 3 hours of departure scheduled and a journey is not undertaken if a ticket is surrendered before the train’s actual departure.
  • In case the train is cancelled, a refund will be provided automatically for e-tickets. You don’t have to file ticket deposit receipt.
  • For counter ticket in Passenger Reservation System (PRS) in case of cancellation of a train, a refund is allowed within 3 days, excluding the day of scheduled train departure.
  • In case of cancellation of a tatkal ticket, if it is confirmed, no refund shall be granted under the current rules. In case the train is delayed by over 3 hours or cancelled, you have right to file TDR with a valid reason to claim a refund, according to IRCTC website.
  • If an e-ticket is issued for multiple passengers, some have a reservation confirmed while others have a wait list or RAC, full fare refund minus clerkage shall be allowed for passengers confirmed.

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