Top 5 Bollywood Celebrities Making Millions of Rupees Even After their Movies are Flop

In the field of the cinema industry, a huge number of people will be entering the cinema field.  Though all will not be successful, only some of them mark their name in this field. In Bollywood, there are some Celebrities who are earning huge amount of money even though their Movies are a big flop. All these top 5 celebrities are making a handful of amount through participating in events and attracting every one attention. So let us have a look at these top 5 Celebrities who are earning huge amount of money even though they are well known for flop movies.

1. Chitrangada SinghBollywood Actresses

Chitrangada Singh is yet another heroine who has seen failure in Bollywood movies. Chitrangada Singh has acted in some of the Hindi movies such as “Desi Boys”, where she saw failure. Most of her movies in Hindi were a flop and did not see any of her movies hitting the box office. Though being a flop heroine she did not give up and performs in several events. She earns a good amount by performing in events which are approximately 15 to 18 lakhs per single event. She tops in the list of flop heroines who are earning a good amount.

2. Neha DhupiaBollywood Flop Actresses

Neha Dhupia is that heroine who has acted in lots of Hindi movies but has seen little success and lots of failures. This made her one of the flop heroines and hence made her decision to act in television shows. She got success in small television and started earning a huge amount. She earns approximately 12 to 15 lakhs for performing in one event and stands second in the list of flop heroines earning huge amounts through their performance in events and shows.

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3. Gauhar KhanBollywood Celebrities

Gauhar Khan is one of the heroines who has worked in a large number of Punjabi films but did not see any success and got fame as one of the flop heroines in the film industry. Though she saw failures in movies, she did not give up and participated in the Big Boss program which is a reality show. This gave her success and bought fame which movies have not given her. This success made her earn approximately 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs rupees in order to perform any event, which is a huge amount of money.

4. Shriya SheranBollywood Celebrities

Shriya Sheran is another topmost heroine, in the South Indian movie industry. In Bollywood, she performed in one of the films with a name “ Drishyam”, that starred Ajay Devagan one of the famous Bollywood actors. It is a bad luck for this heroine and she saw failure by acting in Hindi movies. Shriya did not get the fame in the Bollywood, which she gained in South India, but that did not stop her. She earns a good amount of rupees 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs approximately for performing in one event.

5. Elli AvramBollywood Actresses

Elli Avram is another heroine in Bollywood cinema industry who has seen failure by acting in the movies. Elli acted along with Kapil Sharma, in one of the Hindi movie named as Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. This movie also bought failure only to Elli Avram, instead of success making her as a flop heroine in the Bollywood cinema industry. This did not stop her from taking a handful of remuneration that is approximately 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs for performing in any of the events. So, it can be said that even though this heroine did not find any success in movies,

The above mentioned is the list of heroines who have seen failure by performing in Bollywood movies without much success. Though they earned fame as flop heroines, they were successful by earning good amount through performing in the television shows and events. All the top five heroines are celebrities in the Bollywood industry and making successful careers even after failure.

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