This 5 Bollywood Actresses had a relationship with the Underworld Don

The fabrication of love tale between Bollywood actresses and gangsters has been stayed supreme among the hot topics. The history has witnessed some unbelievable love connections. This tends to create the worlds of deep controversies. Believe it or not, these gangsters attains a strong hold over the Indian film industry. This is the reason why some of the Indian actresses took the advantage of being in a relationship with these known dons. Today we are going to unfold the story of these disputable courtships, the leading Bollywood actress who had the connection with the gangsters are as follows. These names are worth of knowing

1. Monica Bedi and Abu SaleemBollywood Actresses

This is One of the most litigious love affairs in the history of the controversial space. The rumors raised high when a number of film directors reportedly confessed for being threatened from the side of Abu Saleem. Monica Bedi started her career with Telugu cinema followed by Bollywood debut with Suraksha in the 90’s. Soon she fell in love with the prominent mafia Abu Saleem, meanwhile, she showed her acting skills in the blockbuster Jodi no.1. The sayings broke out with the highlight that Monica Bedi is dating the underworld guru Abu Saleem which caused a major blow to her career. Ultimately Abu got into the hands of the police with the obvious split of this couple.

2. Mandakini and Dawood IbrahimBollywood Actresses

Mandakini is the remarkable name in Indian cinema, she earned her recognition as a phenomenal actress for her acting in the movie called Ram Teri Ganga Maili. With the beginning of the year 1995, the stories of a love connection between the renowned gangster Dawood and Mandakini covered the hot market of scandals. Apparently, Dawood offered a major portion of his money to the producers of Bollywood in order of lifting up the Mandakini’s career in Bollywood.despite of that Mandakini never admitted on the side of having the affair with Dawood. Later on, she passed a statement that she is not having any sort of personal contacts with him.

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3. Sona and Haji Mastan

I had on the list there-there is the name of another frightful gangster Haji Mastan who admired the legendary actress Madhubala. Soon he found Sona as the replica of Madhubala. This became the main reason for the relationship between Sona and Haji Mastan.  Later Kangana Ranaut and Ajay Devgan did their parts in the movie called Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Haji Mastan leads the pillars of smuggling in Mumbai by that time.

4. Mamta Kulkarni and Vikram Goswami

This relationship crossed the long passage of time about almost 10 years Mamta Kulkarni was the famous face of Bollywood at the time of the 90s. After achieving the incredible success in Bollywood she left for Dubai with Vikram Goswami. As everyone knows that crime never pays this couple caught by the police in the ending period of the 90s. All this havoc caused the unbearable deployment to Mamta Kulkarni’s Bollywood career.

5. Anita Ayub and Dawood Ibrahim

The market of Bollywood got enclosed with a great shock when media came forward with the update that producer Javed Siddiqui has been triggered deadly by the Dawood Ibrahim and the reason was he denied taking Anita Ayub in his film project. This is from where the scandalous love affair of Anita Ayub and Dawood Ibrahim came into limelight. On the other side, Anita Ayub never broke her silence on this matter. Anita Ayub did a number of Bollywood projects and soon got vanished from the film fraternity.

This was all about the sensational disclosure of 5 Bollywood actress who had a relationship with the leading gangsters. These affairs showcased the astonishing side of the Bollywood and underworld.

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