Bollywood Celebs who are Great Fans of FIFA 2018

FIFA 2018FIFA has always been the one who has made every individual crazy in this world. Well, there is no doubt that our some of the most famous Bollywood celebrities are even a great fan of FIFA. Sports are something that has always driven the country crazy. Whether it be IPL 2018 or FIFA 2018 both are going to get into our nerves. The fever of enthusiasm will always be in the atmosphere of Indians.

Well, today’s topic is somewhat related to the stuff you haven’t been imagining quite far. Bollywood stars do have a busy life to live but they are too badly affected the arena of sports. Speaking about the topic, it will focus on the Bollywood celebs who are into the recently started tournament FIFA 2018. Check all their pictures below in the article and know more about them. Whether it be Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Abhishek Bachchan, Alia Bhatt or Amitabh Bachchan, they all are great fans of football and will remain so for a long time. Let’s know more about them.

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  1. Speaking of the first celeb body hitting the list of our today’s article is none other than Ranbir Kapoor. Well, he is not just a football fan but much more than it. He is seen playing football and he definitely does it better than others. Being a major Barcelona fan, it is always football which he seeks when he is not busy with movies and promotion. You can find him playing friendly matches around in the town quite offend.
  2. Hitting the second in the list is Ranveer Singh our only ‘Alauddin Khilji’ who is not only good with his acting skills but also his football skills. He is a great actor with a great idea of football. He is a major fan of Arsenal and will keep supporting the team in the future. You will definitely see him sporting the team’s jersey while football games.
  3. Speaking of the list of Kapoor, it is a never-ending list. The next is Arjun Kapoor, apart from being a great actor he is ever a diehard fan of Chelsea who can be seen making regular trips to London to watch his favorite team play on the ground. How can we forget the tweet by Ronaldo with Arjun Kapoor.
  4. The Bachchan family is the next in our list. Both the son and father are good to do fan of Chelsea football club. We have even seen Big B frequently tweeting about his team favorite blue club – Chelsea. However, Chelsea is not the only team they do support. You can even see them supporting their football team all over India.
  5. Lionel Messi has a huge amount of fans and John Abraham is definitely added to the list. John is a diehard fan of Barcelona and Argentinean captain and will remain so forever. He has even stated to be a football player instead of an actor.
  6. How can we forget the King Khan Shah Rukh Khan. SRK with the number 555 on his jersey is supporting Machester United without any doubt.
  7. Akshay Kumar is another celeb from Bollywood who is a great fan of football and ardently supports Liverpool and a fan of the former player Steven Gerrard.
  8. Hrithik Roshan aka the most handsome guy on this planet is even on our list who supports Real Madrid for the class the team does has. Well, the player is hardly seen hitting the ball with the townies however, he is a good player with his sons.
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