5 Bollywood Films that were actually Korean Remakes

Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world which turns the fortune of more people than Hollywood. If you are a Bollywood fan, you might not know one thing, which is that Korea is one of biggest inspirations for Bollywood. Have a look at these Bollywood films that were actually Korean remakes –

1. Rocky Handsome – The Man from NowhereBollywood Films

John Abraham starrer Rocky Handsome was actually an official remake of Korean action flick “The Man from Nowhere”. It features a guy, who has a dark past, runs a pawnshop and befriends a girl whose mother is a careless drug addict.

Things got worst when that little girl is kidnapped and her mom is killed. He tries to save her. He is caring for her so much because his own child and wife got killed when he used to be a secret agent. John Abraham has better muscles but Won Bin was much better in his role than John.

2. Awarapan – A Bittersweet LifeKorean Remakes

It is based on a gangster who has a dark past. His boss asks him to follow the mistress and suddenly, he decides to go against his boss and save her. The chaos in the character played well by Lee Byung Hun. But Indian remake brought a lot of freshness and change in the character’s past. In Awarapan, it was one of the best performances of Emraan’s career. Even better, the villain seems to be cool enough.

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3. Murder 2 – The ChaserKorean Remakes

Kim Yoon Seok in “The Chaser” was a corrupt former cop and comes out as a pimp. Suddenly his prostitutes are banishing mysteriously and his business was under fire. It was a psychopathic killer who was doing it. On the other side, Bollywood filmmakers made a major change and added a female lead. Despite the country, both of these villains were pretty awful as human.

4. Ek Villain – I Saw the DevilBollywood Films

A psycho killer kills a woman when she is talking to her husband/fiancé overcall. Then the fiancé/husband observes that and tries to go far and beyond to torture the killer and kill him to take revenge. Well, it’s not about the awesome performance of Choi Min Sik. In fact, the remake is not as darkly violent as an original. The original one didn’t have some romantic numbers and cool look of a serial killer. There is no resemblance to I Saw the Devil.

5. Jazbaa – Seven DaysKorean Remakes

Remember the horrible Pink Panther or beautiful Indian lead at Bride and Prejudice? Yes, she is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who was once the most beautiful woman ranked in the world. Well, she is a great performer just like the way she looks beautiful on screen.

You may not know that her film Jazbaa was a bit much like Seven days, where the lead played by Yunjin Kim, who plays an uber-experienced lawyer who has to find the kidnappers of her daughter in seven days. They want her to save a killer for her child’s safety.

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