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Bollywood is the only industry in India where money flows like water. There are many A-listers in B-town who demand huge amount per movie. They double their income year by year. However, they also have to pay a significant amount of income tax out of their income.

Once again, Salman Khan has become the “Sultan of Bollywood” by paying the highest amount of advance tax, leaving behind Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan, in FY 2016-17. But the biggest surprise here is comedian Kapil Sharma who shocked the Income Tax department, as he shoots up his income by around 206% in a year.

India Today has collected a complete data of top ten celebrities who paid highest advance tax as on March 15, 2017. Salman Khan has emerged to be the highest paid actor in Bollywood.

For those who don’t know, advance income tax is paying your taxes partly before the end of financial year. It is actually an income tax, also known as “pay as you earn’ scheme, payable if you are liable to pay up to Rs. 10000 of tax in a financial year. You should pay tax in the year when you receive the income. Usually, an individual has to pay 33% of total advance tax out of total income in a financial year.

  1. Salman Khan – 44.5 Cr.Bollywood Actors

Dabangg star Salman Khan has paid Rs. 44.5 Cr. of advance tax for the whole financial year 2016-17, when it was Rs. 32.2 Cr. in the last financial year 2015-16 to the Income Tax Department, which is 39% more than the previous year. Salman paid Rs. 14.5 Cr as advance tax in the fourth quarter of the year, along with Rs. 12 Cr in the same quarter in last financial year.

  1. Akshay Kumar – Rs. 29.5 Cr.Bollywood Stars

By giving back to back hits in Box Office over the past year, Akshay Kumar has seen a slight dip in his income in the FY 2016-17. Khiladi Kumar paid Rs. 29.5 Cr as advance tax in this financial year, while it was Rs. 30 Cr. in last financial year. It shows a bit of downfall in his income. In the fourth quarter of this financial year, Akshay paid Rs. 8.5 Cr. as advance tax. He paid Rs. 14 Cr. in the same quarter of last financial year.

  1. Hrithik Roshan – Rs. 25.5 Cr

With the annual advance tax of Rs. 25.5 Cr. Hrithik Roshan stands third in this list of highest tax payers in Bollywood. Hrithik paid a total of Rs. 14 Crore of advance tax in the past financial year, which is jumped by 74% in a year. Hrithik has paid Rs. 6.5 Cr as advance tax in the fourth quarter of this financial year, while it was Rs. 3.6 Cr. in last financial year in the same quarter.

  1. Kapil Sharma – Rs. 23.9 Cr.

With new comedy show on Sony, comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma shocked I-T department in this financial year as he has seen significant growth in his income. He has paid whopping Rs. 23.9 Cr. as advance tax in this financial year, while it was just Rs. 7 Cr. in last financial year.

According to an IT official, it indicates that his personal income has seen 206% hike in a year. Kapil paid an advance tax of Rs. 7.5 Cr. for the fourth quarter in this financial year, while he paid only Rs. 3 Cr as advance tax in the same quarter of last fiscal 2015-16.

  1. Ranbir Kapoor – Rs. 16.5 Cr.

After box office hit “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, Ranbir Kapoor is all set to give another major Box-office hit “SANJU” this year. But he has seen a dip in his income this financial year. He paid Rs. 16.5 Cr. as advance tax, as compared to Rs. 22.3 Cr. in the last fiscal, i.e. a steep 27% downfall.  Ranbir paid Rs. 5 Cr. as advance tax in the fourth quarter of 2016-17, while he paid Rs. 7.3 Cr. in the same quarter to the department, last year.

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  1. Aamir Khan – Rs. 14.8 Cr.

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is not far behind in this trend. In this fiscal, he paid Rs. 14.8 Cr. in total, while it was only Rs. 9.6 Cr. over the past financial year. He has seen a growth of 54%. In 2017, Aamir paid Rs. 3.9 Cr. as advance tax in the fourth quarter as on March 31, 2017, while it was Rs. 3 Cr. on the same quarter last financial year. Despite the fact that his cult classic Dangal crossed over Rs. 140 Cr. of his profit on box office, he is still having low figures which shocked the income tax department.

  1. Karan Johar – Rs. 11.7 Cr

KJo is the only filmmaker in this list who made it to the list of top 10 Bollywood celebrities who paid highest income tax. Like Kapil Sharma, Karan Johar has also skyrocketed up his personal income, i.e. 473% in this fiscal.

Karan Johar paid Rs. 4 Cr. as advance tax in the fourth quarter of this financial year, while it was only Rs. 35 Lakhs in the last fiscal. Karan paid total Rs. 11.7 Cr. in 2016-17 in total as advance tax. He paid only Rs. 2 Cr in the last fiscal in total.

Well, this list also includes female lead actresses like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Kareena Kapoor.

  1. Deepika Padukone – Rs. 10.25 Cr.

Despite her entry in Hollywood with “XXX: Return of Xander Cage”, the “Padmavat” actress has still seen a minor hike of 13% in her personal income. Deepika paid Rs. 10.25 Cr as advance tax, in comparison to Rs. 9 Cr in the last financial year. In the fourth quarter, she paid Rs. 2.75 Cr. On the other hand, she paid Rs. 3 Cr. in last quarter of last fiscal.

  1. Alia Bhatt – Rs. 4.33 Cr.

The “Raazi” star Alia Bhatt has another reason to celebrate, along with the grand success of her recent film Raazi, which crossed Rs. 100 Cr. in Box Office. After Tanu Weds Manu Returns, it was the second female lead based film which crossed this mark.

Next reason to praise her is her improvement of 46% of income. She paid Rs. 4.33 Cr. as an advance tax to the department in this financial year, in comparison to Rs. 2.9 Cr. in last financial year. She paid Rs. 2.23 Cr. as advance tax in the fourth quarter. On the same quarter last year, she paid Rs. 2.1 Cr.

  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan – Rs. 3.9 Cr.

Her personal income dropped around 44% this financial year. In 2016-17, she paid Rs. 3.9 Cr. as advance tax, while she paid Rs. 7 Cr last financial year. She paid Rs. 1.2 Cr as advance tax in the fourth quarter. On the other side, she paid Rs. 2.4 Cr. for the same quarter last year.

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