Top 5 Most Anticipated ‘Death-over’ Batsmen in IPL 2018

The Indian Premier League is in its 11th season and is all set to become hotter and bigger as it has started with a bang. The opportunities that it provides to various new cricketers over the world are the beauty of IPL. It has served for them as a door to Indian national team. On the basis of performances in IPL, especially in death overs, many Indian and foreign players got their national call-ups. Listed here are those specialists in death overs.

5. Kieron PollardIPL

Kieron Pollard might accept the premier T20 tournament in India pleasantly and he has put ahead on the map. Now he is an IPL veteran by all means and he is retained in Mumbai Indians for six seasons for some reasons. They are not the way too different from the reasons and why he has played in each league in the world.

Pollard is the next big thing as he is able to bring attention-grabbing, boisterous variations with his performances. Especially in death overs, he has been on his feet more comfortably in Mumbai than in top order.

4. Andre RussellIPL 2018

In this list, Andre Russell is yet another Caribbean who has become the important player for Kolkata Knight Riders as he hit 574 runs out of 34 matches with 173.41 of strike rate. He scored three 50s in his name in IPL. Russell is well known for his role as a finisher and he grabs 31 wickets in IPL in his name as an all-rounder.

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3. David MillerIPL 2018

David Miller is on his way to being one of the most destructive and memorable limited-over finishers of the match. A young batsman rarely gets the chance to close out the innings but Miller has been up for the grabs.

There are few players who can hit the ball which is as hard as him and is saying something with others in mind who are in boxing rings. Miller seems to be in the same vein as Yuvraj and most of the IPL teams will be aware of it.

2. Mahendra Singh DhoniIPL 2018

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has, indeed, crafted a personality in his career with calm, cunning, and aggression in demanding situations. These skills gave him strong stand to be one of the best players of all time in one-day cricket. He has been at the forefront of Indian cricket due to his explosive innings during his early career.

These days, it can be noticed that he lacks the same propensity due to his position in the batting order and his pressure of captaincy, but he is still one of the best threats at the back end.

1. AB de VilliersIPL 2018

He is a man with so many skills that he could be fit in different lists, such as most innovative players, most match-savers, supernatural human beings, etc. But his outrageous batting at the end of innings carves a unique presence for him that cannot be overlooked.

His “Distort & Destroy” brand on cricket is likely to be the only thing he must be known in the decades to come. There is nothing wrong in it. De Villiers is truly a maverick who is bordering on revolution. He is a force that only he can stop. He is the only man who can add at least 30 runs to the target all the time if he is not out at the end.

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