Top 4 Controversies linked with Rajasthan Royals players and owners

Rajasthan RoyalsThe prosperous carnival is of cricket about to land. After one week we will be greeting the father of all tournaments. Apparently the Indian Premier League. IPL is supposed to be the world’s greatest tournament of cricket. It is a beyond blessed dose of entertainment and excitement. What makes it IPL far special then other tournaments is the massive involvement of various teams. We cannot neglect the fact that it curtails the TRP of other prime shows. As the people get glued to the television sets in support of their favorite teams respectively. In the IPL season 11- 8 teams will be hitting the environment. There is no doubt that IPL 2018 will break all levels of anxiety. Let’s add a bit more spice to your plate of IPL. We are going to talk about the most controversial team of IPL. None else then Rajasthan Royals. Presenting the Rajasthan state of India Rajasthan Royals assimilates the true essence of unpredictability in IPL. Being the single team trapped by some controversial situations always finds a way out. That’s the only reason for the substantial existence of team Rajasthan Royals in the upcoming season of IPL. Moving forward let’s have a quick recap of IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners as mentioned below-

  1. The huge dispute of ownership

In the year 2010 of IPL- RR suffered from a historical dispute regarding ownership. There was one more team which faced the same problematic crap – Kings XI Punjab. The dispute rose up to unthinkable height in the same year. This matter became the most active reason for termination of both the teams from the series of IPL by that time. After a brief discussion among the holders of teams, they decided to follow the Legal procedure. As a result of which they appalled in the High court at the initial stage, that case followed the appeal of the owners in the Supreme Court. Eventually, the court laid down some conditions in the front of the owners of the team and then only Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab made they come back in the world of IPL. This was one of the most prior controversies in the order of IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners.

  1. Spot-fixing

Ahead in the story of IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners. Here comes the second controversy entitled to the team Rajasthan Royals. Who can forget the case of spot-fixing by the players of RR? The prominent names in the list of the players involved in the game of spot-fixing were- S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandel, and Aniket Chavan. They almost came to the end of their career with this illegal activity. Following the imprisonment by court and lifetime ban by BCCI. This was one of the biggest fuss ever occurred in the entire journey of IPL. The team got banned for the respective series of that year. This controversy happened in the year of 2013 during the sixth season of Indian Premier League. RR is having an incompatible record of being triggered by unfavorable conditions always. This is one of the most unethical practices which leads to the ruining the image of the player in seconds. We can’t predict that what RR is going to bring in the upcoming season of IPL. We can just say wait and watch the perfect phrase defining the status of Rajasthan Royals.

  1. Raj Kundra the defaulter Ex Owner

Now in the track of IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners, yes we just said Raj Kundra, the defaulter at the owner of RR. As everyone knows that Raj Kundra is a leading Indian business tycoon and also the husband of famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Raj Kundra was holding the ownership rights over RR. Everything was going right enough, but as the controversies blind follows the Rajasthan Royals, and then the popularity of this team got hijacked by a big blast. Reportedly Raj Kundra was charged with indulging in the pathetic activity of betting. According to the rules, he got fired from the master rights over RR. This fact broke out in the year of 2015. This was the eighth season of IPL so also followed the two years ban on Rajasthan Royals. This makes the team one of the most highly rated controversial team of IPL. This counted another controversy in IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners.

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  1. Ball tampering scrap of Steven Smith

It seems like controversies have taken their decision, which not to leave the hands of the team RR. IPL is on its way just a few days before of the opening of Indian Premier League, and other crap happened with RR. They had nominated the Australian team player Steven Smith as the captain but before the execution of the matches. He got hatched in the phenomenon of ball tampering. During the match against South Africa soon. Afterward, he passed a statement in which he said the whole team entirely planned it. But this statement didn’t prove helpful for Smith in any way. As a result of which the board passed a decision that Smith will not be performing in the IPL season 11 as the Rajiv Shukla commissioner of IPL has stated it. Ajinkya Rahane will be holding the responsibility of captain from the side of RR in the eleventh season of IPL. This made another entry in IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners.

The above highlighted were the unforgettable controversies of Rajasthan Royals adding in the chart of IPL 2018: Top 4 controversies surrounding Rajasthan Royals players and owners.

Cricket lovers are waiting for the new surprises again from the side of Rajasthan Royals. Hoping to keep them away from any controversy again in this season. So we would like to wish the same to the team Rajasthan Royals.

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