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Indian Premier League is all set to rock your track of cricket. So be ready for this amazing session of your daily dose of the best game. Today we are going to talk about the ultimate entity of Cricket. The one element which adds on to the life of the IPL. And this is, of course, the range of all the way longest sixes. Yes, this six completes the definition of a complete batsman. How captivating it is to get your eyes glued on the range of six that has been hit. That too with the priceless expressions and heart throbbing moment. If we take an average than every season of IPL covers around 700 in total. Highly cracking the boundaries with the flying ball. Many of them stay so phenomenal that they cross the mark of 100 meters. Generally, the cricket experts adopt two technique for the purpose of measuring these sixes, namely- radar gun and the technology if hawk-eye. The sixes proves to be capable of always cherishing the memory of supporters. There’s no doubt that these big sixes makes a big difference every time. Let’s highlight the names of 5 Six-hitter who hit longest sixes in the IPL.

  1. Albie MorkelIPL 2018

As we all know that the name of Morkel became immortal in the entire history of IPL. This man left everyone in deep shock with his longest six ever in the journey of IPL. He is an all-rounder and originally belongs to South Africa cricket team.

During the year if 2008 of IPL he chased off the stadium with his commendable shot. This stroke traveled 125 meters long and became the longest six in the alluring allocation of IPL. This was a match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings Eleven Punjab. The six hit by Albie Morkel truly redefined all sorts of heights and distances of the ground. It was a massive magic from the bat of a brilliant batsman of CSK. None other than Albie Morkel. That worthy six covered the whole stadium and fell the way far over the heads of the people.

  1. Praveen KumarIPL 2018

The second name in the list is nothing less than a big surprise. Yes, Praveen Kumar the right-handed batsman of team India.

Despite the fact that he is an amazing bowler. He gave a blow to the game of IPL in the year of 2008. When he hit a superb six on the bowling of Lasith Malinga. That six followed the great distance of 124 meters. He dropped that six on the account of Kings Eleven Punjab. Following the outstanding victory of his team.Right after then he turned the whole game. Praveen Kumar grabbed the supreme attention of all cricket lovers. This was really a memorable hit by him. Soon he came forward with the recognition of his record in 5 Six-hitter who hit longest sixes in the IPL. Undoubtedly he secured the second position. He slowed the rate of everyone’s heartbeat by that golden period.

  1. Adam GilchristIPL Season 2018

Adam Gilchrist made a remarkable mark in the life of IPL. As he gave a ravishing hit in the year of 2011 of IPL. Basically, he belongs to the Australia cricket team. He added one more feather in his flight with his major stroke. He paused the scenario of IPL for a while. When Adam played it as the counterpart of Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was a perfect personification of real cricket. He served a perfect illustration of timing, power, and pace with his flying shot. That hit of Adam Gilchrist took over the boundary with an unexpected distance of 122 meters. He just killed it off with his incredible batting sense. Adam caught the hearts away. By making this another record in the Indian Premier League. And grabbed the third position in the list of 5 Six-hitter who hit longest sixes in the IPL. All are waiting again for his marvelous performance in the IPL- season 11. Let’s see what Adam will bring this time to us.

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  1. Robin UthappaIPL

One of the most brilliant batsmen of Indian cricket team Robin Uthappa has proved his worth in IPL as well. During a match, if 2010 season of IPL. He changed the face of the game with his magical six. That six designated out if the stadium with covering the distance of 120 meters at Wankhede stadium. He nailed the inappropriate bowling style of the Dwayne Bravo. With an outstanding huge hit. He established the benchmark for the batting stream by this miraculous six. Uthappa saved his position as the fourth batsman in the list of 5 Six-hitter who hit longest sixes in the IPL. He composed a treat to the eyes of every viewer with his beautiful six. Engraving the noticeable journey of shot right from the pitch towards the boundary of the stadium.

  1. Ross Taylor

    (Photo by Mark Kolbe-IPL 2010/IPL via Getty Images)

The famous batsman basically from the part of New Zealand cricket team.He paved the path of a big hit while he was representing the Royal Challengers Bangalore. During the staring series of IPL in the year of 2008. He put off the bowling style of Jacob Oram with his terrific six which landed out of the stadium with probing the wide distance of 119 meters. Taylor retained the fifth status in the list of 5 Six-hitter who hit longest sixes in the IPL with a truly deserving six.

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