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With an incredible dose of excitement and entertainment, Indian Premier League is on the way again. We will be having the eleventh season of IPL this time. There’s no doubt that IPL is the biggest tournament of Cricket. It is a remarkable blend of the cricket fraternity. IPL is all prepared to set your days on fire. Following the daily charts of matches, this is going to be really amazing. As we all know that cricket is a game. Moreover, the game is all about losing on one side and winning on the other. This entity completes the cricket. IPL has been an experienced number of victories so also the defeats. Some of the teams marked themselves as champions. While some of them stayed far from the benchmarks of winning. We are here to tell you about the 5 lowest team total in the IPL teams who didn’t hit the scoreboards.

  1. Royal Challengers Bangalore v/s Kolkata Knight RidersIPL

Yes, this might be unexpected for you but accounts the truth. Regardless of the side that RCB us favourite of many people. In the entire journey of IPL during the year 2017. RCB luckily got the target of chasing just 132 runs against the Kolkata Knight Riders. This was the most degraded score any team ever came across. But then an unbelievable game happened. Not a single batsman of RCB reached up to the double face of digits. Eventually, RCB gave the victory satisfaction to the KKR as they lost the match by a figure of 82 runs. That match evolved in the form of weakest performance of RCB. Despite the fact that the team was loaded with brilliantly capable players. This was the unforgettable inning between RCB and KKR. The one which brought the team RCB in the list of 5 lowest team total in the IPL and that too on the first position. Unfortunately, the magic of bat didn’t work for RCB.

  1. Rajasthan Royals vs. Royal Challengers BangaloreIPL

Rajasthan Royals represent the Rajasthan state of India. Bring the special flavour to the IPL. The sad part to know here is that RR is one of the weakest competitors in IPL. In the year of 2009 RR lost the inning against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Even though Rahul Dravid became the top scorer for that match following the marking chart with 66 runs. But RCB triggered the RR on the worst possible basis. In order of registering the huge victory. This is one of the biggest reason why RR is out of the playing list of IPL in this season. Indian Premier League is on the track holding your dates of this April. Afterwards, RR came out as indulge in illegal gambling scenario.

  1. Delhi Daredevils v/s Mumbai Indians

Delhi Daredevils was one of the most ruling team in the hearts of Cricket lovers. But it’s not going to be the part of IPL season 11. But this time caused a major disappointment among the fans of IPL. In the year 2007 of IPL Delhi Daredevils faced a bad defeat during a match with Mumbai Indians. The outstanding bowlers of MI namely- Harbhajan Singh and Karn Sharma. They served really hard delivery to the players of DD. They took the decision of taking the bowling head first, which turned to be fatal. The team Delhi Daredevils came out with the unbearable outbreak. Soon they spaced out of the IPL tournament. In the row of being at a third position in the list of 5 Lowest team total in the IPL.

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  1. Delhi Daredevils vs. Kings Eleven Punjab

Yes, this is really shameful. But Delhi Daredevil’s made their presence again in the countdown. This happened in the last season of IPL. When the bowlers of Kings Eleven Punjab grabbed the wicket of DD at incomparable pace. Four of the wickets were taken by Sandeep Sharma and Axar Patel took two of them. DD performed unexpectedly poor in that match. Broke the walks of hope of many admirers. Delhi Daredevils created their record as constantly below the range in all of the previous seasons of IPL. The world won’t be able to see Delhi Daredevils playing in the 11th season of IPL. As we all know that brand new season is of IPL is going to make its arrival in this same month

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders v/s Mumbai Indians

The Kolkata Knight Riders team of IPL with the slogan of – Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo. They failed at times for the purpose of signifying the slogan of their team. In the year 2008 of IPL. They confront the match with a critical collapse of not chasing the required runs.

The whole team got back to the pavilion by till they touched the beginning of 16th over. It was indeed dissatisfying performance on the part of KKR. The winning team on the other side was Mumbai Indians. As MI has been forth put their worth as champions two times. During the entire tournament voyage of IPL. On the other hand, KKR has been stricken the line of being one in the list of 5 lowest team total in the IPL. Everyone is waiting eagerly to watch their game in the upcoming series of IPL.

The above mentioned is the information of 5 Lowest team total in the IPL. The guest knocking next door is Indian Premier League following season 11 this time. A lot to see ahead with a complete package of cricket and entertainment.

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