10 Films Inspired By Chilling True Stories

Lights Camera Action– these are the three magical words for the film fraternity. Movies are all about the allocation of efforts and execution. Cinema relates to the real lives in such an incredible way. The fragments of the story weave the emotions. Sometimes they inspire the world and sometimes they get inspired by the world. That’s how the scenario of cinema works. Movies put forward the eternal essence of time. Whether it is happiness, sadness, love, hatred, hopes, cheats, words, silence or what not? Movies are indeed the charm of the entire journey called- Imagination. There are some of the films those got their origin from the true stories. Below is the list of 10 Films Inspired By Chilling True Stories.

1. The Danish GirlFilms

A love story based on the Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Is of the most genuine and pious love story. This movie has shown -cased the Art of love when it comes about the artists. It’s an immortal name in the history of Cinema.

The Danish Girl was directed by Tom Hooper in the year of 2015. It was really a huge hit and set an example of the incomparable parameters of the screenplay as well. This movie is really a treat to eyes.

2. The man who knew infinityFilms

This movie is a brilliant inspiration and got inspired by the story of the life of great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and his beyond blessed bond with his guide Professor G.H. Hardy. This commendable film was directed by Matt Brown and acted by Dev Patel and Jerry Irons. The man who knew infinity is full of precious lessons about the various parts of life. Everyone should watch this film at least once in his whole life and should learn how to face the challenges. This movie paved the path of being in the list of  10 Films Inspired By Chilling True Stories.

3. The Perfect Storm

This perfect storm is based on the life of fishermen who clinched out in a sea at the time of one life taking storm. This movie just hit the chart of blockbusters like anything. The Perfect Storm released in the year of 2000 and topped the list of unforgettable films. This movie integrated the keen picturization of the struggles of common man. This film is nothing less than kind of fighter tale and his fearless fights. This was one of the biggest blockbusters.

4. Alison

Alison is another phenomenal film based on the bleak but true life story of a woman of Pittsburgh. She got raped and faced possibly the cruelest phase of life.But ultimately he fought and grabbed the victory. This movie leads everyone numb when it came out in the screens. This movie is just so a powerpack dose of courage and coping out the chaos in a captivating way. An undoubtedly mesmerizing movie. This movie redefined the untouchable height of hit in the house of Hollywood.

5. Bloody Sunday

This is one of the must putting name among the movie those are Inspired By Chilling True Stories. This film is of the prominent docudrama ever made. Bloody Sunday is the true life story of 13 protesters killed by unkind hands of British Troops. Highlighting the rare possible side of the world. The movie was directed by Paul Greengrass who superbly showed the specialties of human life authentication.

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6. A Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie became the reason for a number of the worst nightmare after reached the screens. This movie gave enough room to the horror incidents based on the real-life events. This movie was created and directed by none other than Wes Craven and also it was the debut film of Johnny Depp. The story of the film revolves around a young girl tells about the real urge of sexual profligacy and leads to her death.

7. Fire in the sky

This is an implausible movie when we talk about the science fiction category of cinema. Fire in the sky is a biopic based on the mysterious incident happened in the life of four males of America. This project got executed under the Direction of

Robert Lieberman and Tracy Torme are the writers tell the story of an unproven chain of encounter compiling a flying saucer in the year of 1975. Portrayed the characters by the praiseworthy acting of D.B. Sweeney, Robert Patrick, James Garner and Craig Sheffer.

8. Alive

You really do have guts to watch this one. Alive is one of the topmost movies which is unexpectedly heart boiling. This is based on a real-life incident of a rugby team whose plane got crashed and eventually they survived by eating the deceased body to satisfy their hunger. This movie shows down the limits only for the sake of staying alive. Alive was released in the year 1993 and proved it’s worth among the hilarious hits of Hollywood.

9. Everest

Everest is a memorable movie when it comes about the miraculous motivation. This is a leading set of a biopic based on Robert Rob a climber from New Zealand and also Scott Fischer, This is a phenomenal film based on the drastic difficulties and massive climb. Everest was directed by Baltasar Kormákur and was written down by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy. This is truly an integral movie among the 10 Films Inspired By Chilling True Stories.

10. Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton is the last but not the least in the unusual list of 10 Films Inspired By Chilling True Stories.This movie was directed by F. Gary Gray, based on the authentic life story of gangsta rap group revolves around the passion towards the rapping style. This movie just recreated the magic of music in with unmatchable scores of background creations.

So, above mentioned are the top 10 Films Inspired By Chilling True Stories. This is enough to believe the fact that movies seem to be the mirror of the real life.

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