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Fashion has its own style with dresses designed aesthetically to suit the body type of celebrities. There have been many women, who adorned world’s most expensive gowns studded with gold and diamonds. Indeed, the fashion rose to its pinnacle with such dresses and the designers created masterpieces from precious materials. Each and every dress spoke of excellence and finest means of creation that might not have been created again. But, the beauty of the dress remained to shine forever because of the high-quality designing imbibed in it.

1. Princess Diana DressExpensive Women Dresses

Known as one of the best and most exclusive dresses, the gown was specially designed for Princess Diana. It was crafted with much finesse by the designer Catherine Walker, who is considered as the best in her field. In fact, she has been responsible for designing quite a lot of dresses including the Black Dress worn by Princess Diana on her burial. This dress has been estimated to cost about 125,000 dollars and was worn by the princess only twice –once was at the London premiere of the opera “Miss Saigon” in 1989 and the other has been the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

2. Swarovski Dirndl DressExpensive Women Dresses

This gorgeous dress in deep red and dark grey shade was created in Germany and showcased in Munich around 2006. In fact, the design was quite a striking resemblance to the dress worn by Snow White, which states that it has a medieval touch. Designed by using a corset, this dress is completely covered by precious Swarovski Crystals. Though extremely beautiful, this dress is slightly heavy to carry off and has been priced at about 127,000 dollars.

3. Golden Evening DressExpensive Dresses

Designed artistically by the famous Japanese Designer named Ginza Tanaka, this golden evening dress is created completely out of pure gold. In fact, the designer is famous for creating marvelous gowns to be worn by celebrities on the Red Carpet. This beautiful dress is manufactured from 1100gms of gold, which surely states its price to be around 240,000 dollars. Certainly, it is considered as one of the most expensive dresses in the world.

4. Golden Coin DressExpensive Dresses

Tends to be exhibited in the Tokyo Fashion Week of 2007, this exotic gold coin dress comes from the house of Ace Japanese Designer named Ginza Tanaka. Manufactured with more than 15000 Australian gold coins, this dress is a unique masterpiece in itself weighing about 10kgs. Certainly speaking, the gold coin dress is something exclusive and costs at 267,948 dollars. In fact, the dress is the finest example of the innovative idea.

5. Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday DressMarilyn Monroe

Being one of the most expensive dresses of all and the first one to cost more than one million dollars, this marvelous dress was created in 1961 by an American fashion designer named Jean Louis Berthault. It was exclusively manufactured for Marilyn Monroe as she was to attend the birthday party of the President John F. Kennedy. In fact, the dress has been decorated with sequins that shine like diamonds. Though, the original price of the dress was 12,000 dollars. As it was worn by Marilyn Monroe, the dress got sold at an auction for 1.3 million dollars.

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6. Maria Grachvogel DressWomen Dresses

The marvelous dress has been enveloped with more than 2,000 diamonds and manufactured with a silk corset that has been much decorated with diamonds. The dress was showcased at the fashion show of Maria Grachvogel and gained a high appreciation for the craftsmanship. Indeed, the cost of the dress is estimated to be 1.8 million dollars. Stunning and spectacular are the right words to describe the beauty of the dress for sure.

7. Black Diamond Dress TodayTopTrendz.com

Marvellously created by spectacular fashion designer by the name of Debbie Wingham, this British fashion designer presented the “Black Diamond Dress” at Kiev’s fashion show. It is beautified and stylized with 1,000 black as well as white diamonds. In fact, this dress took about six months to get completed because of the studs imbibed in it. weighing at about 29 pounds, the cost of the dress has been estimated at a whopping amount of 5.5 million dollars.

8. The Abhaya DressExpensive Women Dresses

Also known as the authentic Muslim dress, the Abhaya dress has been designed meticulously by the British fashion designed named Debbie Wingham in Dubai. Known to be one of the most expensive dresses in the world, it has been magnified with 2000 black and white colored diamonds. Certainly, the best feature of the dress is that it has 14kt gold with a very rare Red Diamond too. This makes it quite expensive costing at about 17.6 million dollars.

9. Kate Middleton Wedding DressMost Expensive Wedding Dresses

The real high point of the latest Royal Wedding, numerous women are willing to get their hands on the dress worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day with Prince William of England. In fact, the dress was designed authentically by making use of the most expensive of fabrics, such as French Chantilly, English Cluny lace, and ivory with white satin gazar. It was created beautifully by the designer called Sarah Burton, which has been considered as the priciest ones in the lot for sure. It cost a whopping amount of 388,088 dollars.  Indeed, the dress reflects the beauty and high amount of elegance.

10. Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur Dress

Women Dresses
Nightingale Dress of Kuala Lumpur

Known to be the most expensive dress in the whole world, the Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur is priced at unbelievable 30 million dollars. This magnificent evening dress was designed by Faiyzalli Abdullah, which has been manufactured with taffeta, satin, chiffon, and silk. Along with this, the other highlight of the dress is that it has been encrusted with 70-carat pear-shaped diamond and 751 Swarovski crystals. The dress was exhibited at the festival “STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL” in 2009 and won numerous accolades fro the finest craftsmanship. Of course, the dress looked majestically beautiful that won many hearts at the fashion show and kept others watching it in amaze.

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