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Adding smartness to the looks with stylized haircuts is not a crime for boys. Certainly, they also have the right to look handsome and attractive. Even in the world of hairstyles, trends keep on changing that allow men to follow them ardently. This is the reason that they change looks and follow fashion statements, which add spark to their appeal. Of course, every man wants to look trendy and be the talk of Tinseltown because it is not just left for women alone. After all, they have the right to look handsome that may add to their popularity too.

1. Short Hair Mid Skin FadeHairstyles

Getting the sides to be faded with very less hair shown, the middle part is left with enough hair to get a design for sure. This look is quite youthful and gels well with every kind of dress worn by men. In fact, it makes them smarter and younger.

2. Buzz Cut with Sideburn and Neck TaperHaircutting Style

Meant to give sharper edges with neck taper appeal, the buzz cut is something that can be teamed with any dressing style. Of course, these sharper looks cannot be attained by trimming at home for sure.

3. Short Textured Crop with BeardHairstyles

Known to be quite a popular hairstyle amongst men and adult boys together, this short haircut with faded sides and a beard looks really cool. Of course, this style has got popular to such an extent that men consider it a trendsetting design.

4. Short Wavy Hair StyleHairstyles

Keeping enough length of the hair in the middle over the top for a wavy appeal, this haircut looks amazing on men. Of course, the sides are kept clean with minimal hair for an edgy look. This style retains the natural texture of the hair and makes it easy to manage.

5. Messy SpikesHairstyles

These messy hairs look simply amazing with a wet look. Certainly, one needs to wet the hair and pull them up in diverse directions for a messy look. This tends to be the ideal casual appeal for men and makes them look smarter than ever.

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6. Quiff Mid Bald FadeHairstyles

Ideally meant for the young boys, a short quiff magnified with sides cleaned up is something that looks amazing. Definitely, it is necessary for the boys to maintain this look with the support of hair gels for a proper appeal.

7. High and Tight HaircutHairstyles

Also called for Military Cut, this hairstyle lends a dapper appeal to men. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be teamed with casual as well as formal looks. So, men with such haircut are sure to look handsome in all aways.

8. Mid Fade HaircutHairstyles

Giving a highly clean look with tousled style over the top, this haircut surely looks smart. In this style, the sides or end edges of the head are kept clean. By this, it means that mid fade look is all about fewer hairs over the edges and slightly thick volume in the middle only.

9. Crew Cut with BeardHairstyles

The beauty of the crew cut is that it looks excellent on men and boys. Certainly, the best way of dealing with the haircut is that sides can be given a high fade for sure. In this way, the hairstyle will look exceptionally smart.

10. Short Haircut with Low FadeShort Haircut

This magnificent haircut is as short as it gets and giving the edges to work upon smartly. By cropping the sides and keeping it lesser in terms of hair, the middle ones can be styled smartly. It is really beautiful and makes it possible that men look handsome than before.

Known to be one of the highest demands of fashion, these short haircuts lends a refreshing look to the men and make sure that it adds to their dapper looks. Certainly, every man has the right to look handsome and these short haircuts are an addition to their classy appeal. So, you can select any one amongst them as per the face cut or even consult the hairdresser about such looks. And of course, such haircuts will never go out of style and they are here to stay.

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