15 Retired NBA Players Who Now Work a Regular Job

Holding highest profile amongst other players in the world, the basketball players have managed to gain extensive recognition because of their high skill gaming. There are many, who enjoy a huge stardom throughout their life. But, many of them do not earn enough riches to live with them till their last breath. The fate of NBA players relies on the association and their gaming techniques. This is the reason that many of the famous NBA players have resorted to doing normal jobs in their country. Unfortunately, many such players end up blowing their lavish earnings throughout the hay days and start working at odd jobs on finishing their career. Under mentioned is the list of retired NBA players, who have started working on other jobs to earn their living.

1. Vin Baker

Once known as a strong player of NBA in the 90s, Vin baker’s career ended because of alcoholism. He was quite a big shot and made some wrong decisions that led to a loss of money. But, his hard work nature landed him a job at Starbucks followed by a Pastor in his own father’s church.

2. Adrian Dantley

Though not much of a memorable name in basketball; Adrian Dantley decided not to flaunt his riches. Rather, he took the turn and has been working as a crossing guard in Maryland area. His willingness to help others landed him the job that pays merely 14000 dollars to him on yearly basis.

3. Bryant Reeves

Reeves exhibited a promising game in the first four seasons of his career that averaged to as 16 points and eight rebounds per game in back to back seasons. He was known as “Big Country” by his fellow players in Vancouver Grizzlies. But, some bad decisions ended his NBA career. He used his riches to buy a cattle ranch in 300 acres area and operate it on daily basis for living.

4. Mark Blount

Mark Blount gave nine valuable years to the NBA with the best season as the one where he scored 12.6 points per game for the Boston Celtics. Further, he shifted to Minnesota Timberwolves that showed him struggling for an effective place in the team. This led to lack of interest in the game and he left it. Blount now owns multiple “Auntie Anne’s” pretzel franchises within Florida.

5. Dan Dickau

Dan Dickau initiated his NBA life in 2002 after a strong college career for Gonzaga. His talent enabled him to get one standout season with an average 13.2 points per game for the New Orleans Hornets. Failing to make an impact in his career of 6 years, he opened a barbershop in Washington from the riches earned during NBA time.

6. Karl Malone

Much famed as Utah Jazz legend, Karl Malone earned huge money within his basketball career and turned out to be the best power forward in NBA history. He had a rewarding career and resorted to being a truck driver after finishing his NBA term. Malone is famous to invest money into several businesses around Arkansas and prefer to live a simple life.

7. John Stockton

Being another part of the incredible duo with Karl Malone, John Stockton stayed connected with him throughout NBA career. Stockton was the most selfless Superstar in the NBA history, who always concentrated on setting up his teammates. Stockton works as the assistant coach for Montana State University’s women’s roster.

8. Larue Martin

It was Portland Trail Blazers that selected Martin first overall in the 1972 NBA Draft. Martin struggled to gain momentum in the NBA game and decided to retire after four seasons only. He opted for a standard driving job with UPS immediately after retiring and now works as community services manager with them.

9. Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward has reminisced as a Heisman Award winner that opted for NBA rather than continuing his football success in the NFL. And it was a wise decision because he had a rewarding NBA career. Now, he works as the coach on high school level.

10. Vinnie Johnson

Known to be one of the successful basketball players in NBA league, Vinnie has a terrific career with back to back NBA championships to his name. he played for a decade and decided to retire in 1992. Now, he is the CEO of Piston Group, who works with Sears and other brands in the Detroit.

11. Shawn Kemp

Shawn was a popular name in the era of 1990s of NBA world. He was a great power forward, whose career-high averages of 20.5 points and 11.4 rebounds per game earned him tremendous recognition. Some of the personal issues forced him to leave NBA. Initially, he had a bar named Oskar’s in the city, which got closed recently. He, now, invests in various businesses and makes money out of them.

12. Shandon Anderson

Being an important player for the team in 1997 and 1998, Shandon career featured him coming off the bench to play strong defense rather than be the spotlight star. Despite having a strong career as a role player, he decided to quit NBA and started operating a restaurant called “Drink Art”. It was his passion for cooking that made him take this decision.

13. Brandon Roy

Brandon was a powerful player in Portland Trail Blazers team and opponents feared to defend him. The knee injuries kept Roy away from the court and made it difficult for him to accomplish his potential as a top-tier shooting guard. Now, he works as a basketball coach at Nathan High School.

14. Detlef Schrempf

Detlef Schrempf has reminisced for his inspiring play in the 90s along with having one of the coolest names in sports. Schrempf achieved extensive success helping the Indiana Pacers and Seattle SuperSonics having deep playoff runs. He, now, works as a business development manager with Coldstream Capital Management.

15. Greg Oden

Known for athletic built and strong power, Greg Oden played only just over 23 games in his entire career for Portland Trail Blazers. The injuries kept him away from NBA league. Further, he was hired by his college Ohio State as the Student’s manager in the basketball team and works for them now.

Each and every player in the list has been much remembered for their game as well as downfall too. Some of them witnessed separation from NBA because of their injuries. Certainly, many of such players are remembered now as other promising players have taken their place. But, it is worth to mention them because of the great gaming tactics exhibited by them in their era.

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