South Indian Wedding Sarees- A must have for every Indian bride

When it comes to an Indian wedding, nothing can beat the Indian saree. From Kanjeevarm to Benarasi the list is endless. The Indian brides look extremely beautiful in an Indian sari. While some communities wear lehenga, sharara, and gararas, but sari always tops the list. When it comes to south Indian wedding sarees it is extremely gorgeous and colorful. There is so much lavishness in their sari that any girl who flaunts this saree looks like a diva. If you are someone who likes bright colors and want to look glamorous then south Indian sarees can be a perfect choice.

 Following is the list of some south Indian sarees that are a must-have for any bride to be:

1. Kanjeevaram Saree

South  Indian Wedding Sarees

One of the most famous varieties of all they are hand woven from the mulberry silk thread. The patterns are mainly into peacock, horses, elephants, horses etc. Also known as Kancheepuram saree they are also pretty expensive. The reason is, to make this saree it takes a lot of time. These sarees gives a very traditional and an ethnic look. The price starts from 3000 and it can go up to lakhs. This saree is a must have for any bride.

2. Chettinad Saree

As the name suggests, this saree is from Chettinad which is in the Tamil Nadu district. The colors are very vibrant and it looks very sophisticated and ethnic. Normally it is available in cotton but these days silk variants have also come. Due to its contrasting hues, it looks extremely glamorous. It is also known as Kandaagni saree. Since the colors are very bright you can easily wear it in the morning wedding rituals.

3. Konrad Saree

Another popular saree from the south. It is better known as “Silk temple saree” The main feature of this saree is its wide borders and the spaced zari strips which makes it very unique. The most common motifs are peacocks horses and elephants and are mainly available in gray, off-white and brown.

4. Mysore Silk

Most popular saree and it is loved by all. The main reason is that it is very light and comfortable and is available in bright colors. The designs are extremely intricate and because of its uniqueness, it is loved by all. A lot of fusions are happening by combining floral and abstract motifs.

5. Pochampally Saree

This saree has been originated from the Bhoodan Pochampally district in Telangana. Mainly available in geometric patterns they are extremely popular amongst the South Indians. They are light and comfortable and are available in bright and vibrant colors. Available in both silk and cotton variety.

6. Gadwal Saree

And last but not the least is the gadwal saree. This saree is a mixture of cotton and silk. The average length of the saree is around 5.5 meters. Originated from the Telangana district, this area is known for its silk. Also known as Kupadam, it is also available in bright colors. High-quality silk is used like Mulberry and Tussar. The border is generally made gold.


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