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Intense glamor is the right word to describe the magnificence of fashion world and modeling is an integral part of it. People and organizers always fall for Zero Figured models, who can flaunt their curvaceous body in the costumes. But, there is always the other side of a coin and that goes for plus size models. They are cute, beautiful and sexy with the plum body. On venturing into the world of modeling, they got accepted with a bang and have been successful in establishing a mark in the field. In fact, they have managed to break the stereotypes and carve their niche in the glamor business.

1. Sarah ChiwayaShort Height Plus Size Models

A blogger by profession, she has taken up modeling as her part-time interest. Standing at just 5ft 4inches tall, her Instagram account has got popular because of her modeling instincts. Certainly, her short height and a wavy body have not stopped her from being stylish in her profession.Diana

2. Diana Versa

Being a beautiful face with a slightly chubby body, Diana stands at a height of 5ft 7inches tall. Apart from her height, she has been considered an inspiration for body positivity. Also famed as an active campaigner for racial diversity, she has managed to gain extensive recognition on Instagram with her stylish images.

3. Christina ShmidtShort Height Plus Size ModelsChristina Schmidt


Hailing from Canada, Christina stands at 5ft and 6inches tall. As a motivator to plum women, she has worked extensively as an actor and model. Falling in the plus size category, she has been working towards encouraging women to be proud of their weight and be stylish on appeal.

4. Louis Green

Working professionally as a plus size fitness trainer, Louis Green has managed to appear on the cover of several magazines. She believes that healthy body is not something to be ashamed of and has been an inspiration to other plus sized women.

5. Miranda Walz

Known to be women with exceptional confidence, she is a wonderful model standing at a height of 5ft 7inch. Indeed, she has the ability to give a run for her money to any other model. This girl belongs to Africa and has managed to carve a niche for herself in the fashion industry.

6. Mia Tyler

Surely stated as the role model for many, Mia has been working as a part-time model. Besides this, she is an active public speaker, a lawyer and an actress by profession. With so many things doing simultaneously, she seems to be a confident plus size woman at 5ft 6inches tall.

7. Tess HollidayPlus Size Short Model

Tess has been the finest example of a short heighted plus-sized supermodel. Initially, she was slammed for 5ft 4inch height and size 22. But, nothing stopped to let her pursue dreams and she featured in the famous Vogue magazine too. She has always fascinated others with her good looks and stylish dress wear.

8. Nadia Aboulhosn

Short Height Plus Size ModelsPlus Size Short Model

All kinda reckless I flexed it. 🥞

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You been waiting so long I’m here to answer your call 📞 Bodysuit: @39vii Pants: @dayabyzendaya Heels: @RiverIsland

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The plus-sized beauty is a Lebanese-American fashion blogger based in Florida. Besides being a blogger, she is a plus-size model and has also worked as a fashion designer with top-notch brands. She has managed to set apart the trend of skinny models and created her own space in the fashion world.

Plus size models have their own special identity and brands manufacturing such clothing range always require their assistance. It is with their sheer hard work and sultry beauty that such models have the tendency to give tough competition to thinner models. In fact, they have been an inspiration for those, who think that plus size is a curse and women cannot make to the glamor world.

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