A list of some of the Women Bike Riders from the North-East who are Breaking the Stereotype and Bringing about a Revolution

Riding a bike has always been associated with men and women are usually considered as pillion-rider. But now the trend has changed. There are many women bike riders in our country who are breaking the gender stereotypes and taking the front seat and riding a bike just like their male counterparts and do not just sit behind the men on a bike. These women are no less than the men bikers and they are equally passionate about riding a bike. Now there are several female only’ biker groups and clubs in our country as well. Here is a list of some of the female bike riders from the beautiful states of North –East who are very passionate about biking and are changing the trend and breaking stereotypes. They are definitely making us, the women and our country proud.

1. Tenzin Metoh

Women Bike Riders

She is a female motorcyclist from Arunachal Pradesh and she was very fond of cycling from her childhood days. She is working as a State Consultant for PHED in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. Biking gives her ultimate happiness and she rides along with her group of friends who are also her club members through the beautiful locations of Arunachal Pradesh. She is one of the first female bike riders of Arunachal Pradesh and her first motorbike was gifted to her by her mother. She is one of the two women who are members of Royal Arunachal Riders.

2. Nirmali Nath and Dharitri Terangpi:

Northeast Women Bike Riders

Nirmali Nath and Dharitri Terangpi are the first female bike riders from Guwahati, Assam. Together they call themselves ‘Nirdhar’ which means determination.  They are a group of Bullet Lady Bikers from Guwahati and they always ride on Royal Enfield. Both of them are very passionate about riding and to them biking symbolizes freedom and it gives them the self-confidence. Nirmali used to ride a scooter in her initial days and she promotes safe riding among all the bikers group of Northeast India since a long time.  Dharitri is famous for traveling Guwahati to Delhi in her Royal Enfield and covering more than 2000 km in her bike. They are the first women from Assam to go a bike trip from Guwahati to Leh. Together they have traveled the entire North India on their bike and they plan to cover the entire North East and South India soon. These two amazing bike riders promote women empowerment and encourage more women to break the stereotype and take up their passion of riding. They also help to promote their beautiful state Assam and increase tourism there.

3. Rosalynn Lianhmingthangi:

Rosalynn Lianhmingthangi is a female bike rider from Aizawl, Mizoram and she has always dreamt of owning her own motorbike since she was very young.  She owns a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and she is very passionate about riding as it gives her extreme happiness. She has traveled to Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, and Myanmar on her bike and she plans to cover more places in her bike in future. To her riding safely and enjoying her ride is what matters the most and her trip to Nepal in her bike has been one of her most satisfying trips and she plans to ride tor more places in future.

4. Anee Sharma:

This lady from North-East is the first female rider who reached the Bumla Pass (Indo-China border). She is pursuing B Tech from Gauhati University and she was always interested in riding a bike since her childhood and she used to ride a scooter when she was in standard VI. She owns a Royal Enfield and she loves to travel across the roads on her bike. Her inspiration to ride a bike has been the ‘Bulls of Assam’ motorcycling club. Her first journey was her ride to Bumla Pass and she has traveled to Tezpur, Nameri, Karbi- Anglong, Cherrapunji, Jakrem and many other remote places in her bike and according to her trip to Khardung La Pass in her bike has been one of her most memorable trips. She plans to cover the entire North East on her bike and make some international trips too in the future.

These few women from North-east and several other women bike riders are proving that biking is not only a ‘men only’ affair and that women are equally brilliant and passionate about biking. More power to these women and they have a long journey to cover.


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