List of Trendy Blouse Designs and Patterns for Every Modern Woman

Saree is one of the essential items in a girl’s wardrobe. For any Indian girl, saree suits the best. These days designers are coming up with various ways of draping a saree. To perfect the look of the saree, a well-fitted blouse is a  must. In the market, you can find different types of blouse designs and patterns, which accentuates the look. There are many varieties of designs and patterns, for example, net blouse, chiffon blouse, embroidered etc and much more. It is also important to select the blouse, according to the occasion. With the advent of online shopping stores, one can choose from a wide variety of design.

Following are some top blouse designs and patterns that are the current trend in the market

1. Traditional Blouse Design

If you are someone who is not picky and choosy about blouse design then the traditional blouse design is always better. This type of blouse is suitable for all kinds of saree.

2. Round neck Blouse

It is mandatory to have round neck blouse in your wardrobe. If you are confused and don’t want to experiment much then this blouse will be perfect.

3. Patchwork Blouse

This blouse is perfect for any occasion like any party or marriage function. If your saree is not heavy on work, this kind of design will balance it out.

4. High Neck Spiral Blouse

If you want to create an oomph factor, then this blouse will be the perfect fit. It goes well with chiffon, georgette, and silk.

5. Sequined Blouse

For any reception, party or a cocktail party to get a glamorous look a sequined blouse is necessary. There are a variety of blouses available in the market.

6. Chinese Blouse

They are an absolute hit. It gives you a very dignified and elegant look. For any office party or a formal gathering, you can sport this blouse.

7. Spaghetti Blouse

If you are bold and want to create an X-factor, then you should definitely go for this blouse. For flaunting your figure this blouse is apt. 

8. Sweetheart Illusion Blouse                                                             

This kind of design was an absolute hit during the 80’s. Now it has again come back. As they say old is gold.

9. Cut out Neck Blouse

You can do a mix and match. It goes with all kinds of sarees.

10. Key Hole Sheer Blouse

This amazingly styled designed blouse accentuates your overall look. Club it up with a chiffon or georgette and you are all set.

11. Tube Style Blouse

If you are daring and bold, then this design is for you. Most of the celebrities wear it. These are normally heavily embroidered.

12. Sheer Sleeves Blouse

blouse designs

This is one of the trendiest of all. It looks sober yet hot. Generally, these blouses are made full sleeves.

13. Backless Blouse

If you love flaunting your back then a backless blouse is a must-have. It looks cool and sexy.

14. Shirt Style Blouse

This design is trending. It looks chic and stylish. It’s available in various designs and patterns.

15. Cape Style Blouse

It’s mainly popular due to its flowy style. It creates a very gothic look. Popularized by Fashionista Sonam Kapoor.

16. Bodysuit blouse

If you have an hourglass figure and you want to flaunt it, this kind of design will be perfect. It creates an Indo -western look.

17. One side shoulder blouse

If you want to increase your oomph factor this will be a perfect fit. It looks best in sequined and floral print.

18. Jacket Style Blouse

It’s an all-time favorite with all the designers. It’s a very versatile design goes with all kinds of sarees.

19. Asymmetrical Blouse

If you love experimenting then this blouse is a must-have. The asymmetrical blouse does not have any fixed pattern, yet it gives a very smart look.

20. Peplum Blouse

This design looks very cute yet sexy. It’s a perfect blouse who want to flaunt their curves.

Get trendy with these amazing designs this festive season.

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