5 Countries that Watch Maximum Adult Films

Pornography is quite a common site and has been watched by many in the world. But, when it comes to the matter of listing countries that watch such videos or images to the maximum level, there are 5 in the list that does so. Be it men or women, every individual watches and enjoys porn through videos, movies or even images. Depending on the availability, people make use of the internet for the purpose. Under-mentioned is the names of the countries that are rated high on the list for watching extensive porn.

1. The United States of America

Adult Films

When it comes to watching porn, America has been rated as the number one in doing so because more than 40 million people have access to porn websites. In fact, they keep on watching porn for an average time of about 10 to 15 minutes on an everyday basis. And this has been proved by a survey too that one out of three people in America is women, who watch porn. Being home to the most number of people watching porn, it has become a common site for the Americans.

2. Brazil

Falling in the second spot for watching maximum amount of porn is Brazil, whose beaches are a witness of such activities at times. Along with this, the place is quite famous for exotic and erotic nightlife throughout the world. In fact, the porn websites happen to see a lot of visitors from Brazilian territory only. They search for lesbians, teens and various other options generating erotica.

3. Canada

The utmost popular month in Canada in January for its extreme cold weather and prevailing loneliness. This generates the need to visit porn websites on a high amount with Mondays as the most amount of views. On the other side of the coin, Sundays tend to have a lesser amount of views on porn websites. Canadians spend slightly more than 9 minutes in browsing pages.

4. China

According to the surveys, it has been evident that more than 65 percent of the Chinese people access porn websites quite often. They do not even care for the fact that such websites have a virus and their system might get affected. All they want is to check out hottest porn videos for enjoying with partner or alone in their bedroom.

5. Japan

Hentai is a very prevalent search term in Asian countries such as the Philippines, China, Thailand, and Japan. Taking Japan into consideration, the average time taken by the people count for about 7 minutes and 27 seconds that has been counted as the lowest in comparison to other nations. And this average time taken to watch porn in Japan is reducing considerably. The most popular search terms by Japanese people are teen and amateur.

The normal amount of people, who watch adult videos, is the around 64 million in a single day. In 2016, it was noted that nearly 92 billion videos were viewed over the progression of 23 billion visits to the porn website. On counted collectively, people happen to watch 4.5 billion hours of porn just a single year itself.

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