Women athletes with an enviable height who are conquering the sports world

Gone are the days, when the sports world was only dominated by only male athletes. In recent times, we can see more and more women are actively participating in many sports and making the world proud with their achievements. These women are super fit and healthy, and some of them have got the enviable height. Women athletes come in different sizes, but height definitely gives them a certain added advantage in any sports.

Following are the list of some women athletes who are incredibly tall:

  1. Lesa Deshaun

Standing tall at 6ft 5 inches, she is considered as one of the tallest female athletes in the world. She is an American professional basketball player and an Olympic gold medalist. Due to her height, everyone in her school used to nag her to take up basketball and after a lot of cajoling, she took up and since then it was no looking back.  Not only in sports, she is a model and as well as an actress. She even worked as a sports commentator for channels like ABC, NBC and much more.

  1. Yvetta Hlavacova

This Czech long-distance swimmer has a whopping height of 6ft 4 inches (Wow). She is the tallest female swimmer in the world and holds a record in swimming the English Channel in less than 7 hours. She has held several records in long-distance swimming.

  1. Blanka Vlasic

She is a Croatian high jumper. With a height of 6ft 4 inches, she has won a silver medal in  the2008 Olympics in Beijing. She has won till now 12 gold medals, 3 silver, and bronze. She also won the European championship in Doha and was declared as the World’s best athlete by IAAF.

  1. Candace Nicole Parker

She is an American Basket Ball player and is the younger sister of former NBA player Anthony Parker. She is an extremely talented and a versatile player and mainly plays forward. She was adjudged as the most outstanding player twice. She even won two Olympic gold medals in the year 2008 and 2012.

  1. Kimberly Marie Glass

An American indoor volleyball player, with an outstanding height of 6ft 3 inches. She was awarded player of the year in the year 2001. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, she won the Silver medal for her team. Apart from playing volleyball, she is also a renowned model and has appeared, in America’s next top modeling contest.

  1. Maria Sharapova

Women Athletes

This Russian tennis superstar has won various awards and accolades for her tennis. Standing tall 6ft 2 inch she has reached great heights. She consecutively ranked no 1 by WTA for 21 weeks. She started at the age of 18 and has won 35 singles titles and 5 Grand slam titles. She is also very beautiful and got featured in various modeling assignments. She has been ranked as the 3rd best tennis player in the world after sister duo Serena and Venus Williams.

These are some list of top female athletes who are incredibly tall and has made the world proud with their achievement.




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