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Becoming a successful professional is a dream for everyone. People share a dream of getting high-profile jobs for them that could bring them everything right from name, fame, and money. As far as job opportunities are concerned, the scope is getting bigger and bigger with the passage of every single moment. Today, industries are growing and they are expanding the scope of various types of jobs. Some of these jobs are highly prestigious and they bring them the right fame and money in the end. Listing those job possibilities is no more possible as they are increasing in number every moment. The presence of beautiful helicopter pilot has broken the myth that women cannot become a pilot.

As far as the specifications for all these jobs are concerned, people do not need to consider them anymore too. In the past, people segregated some work specifically for men and some others for women. There were some others that were suitable for both men and women. However, these separations of work for specific genders have lost its significance too. Today, women have shown and proved their worth to do some of the jobs that were reserved for men. For example, becoming a helicopter pilot was reserved for men as women were believed to be ‘too tender’ to take the risk of flying a helicopter.

Today a large number of women helicopter pilots have registered their presence in the aviation industry. Some of those women pilots are extremely beautiful and charming by their facial and physical beauty. The most beautiful helicopter pilot has taken the world by storm. The pilot has been very popular on all leading social media platforms. Following are the four most beautiful helicopter pilots everyone must know and be proud of them:

1. Maria Pettersson

The name of Maria Pettersson does not need any introduction these days. She is a Swedish beautiful helicopter pilot who is very popular across all the social media platforms. She has more than 250,000 followers on Instagram. She is an ambitious girl who has a dream of flying all over the globe as a part of the Swedish Aviation Industry. She has an interesting life story that shows her strong determination become something that can make them popular not only in Sweden but in every part of the globe also. To keep her look good and healthy, Maria follows a very disciplined life where she has her own significance for Yoga. She never fails to practice various Yoga exercises to keep her healthy and fit. Maria is a source of inspiration for many aspiring male pilots too.

2. Annie Fluff

Just like Maria Pettersson, Annie Fluff is another Swedish female pilot who has left an indelible impression in the aviation industry of Sweden. Drawing inspiration from Maria, Annie also wishes to become a highly successful female helicopter pilot. Annie is also very familiar face in all leading social media platforms, especially Instagram where she has more than 10,000 followers. Annie believes that pilot’s cabin or the cockpit is her second home where she can show her feats as an extraordinarily successful and beautiful helicopter pilot. Like her compatriot, Annie Fluff also wants to share her experiences in various flights that she has already taken in her professional career so far.

3. Emily Howell WarnerHelicopter Pilot

Known and widely appreciated for her amazing skills as a pilot, Emily Howell Warner created history in 1976, when she got the opportunity to serve her nation as the first female pilot to command a major US passenger flight. The Frontier Airlines showed immense faith in her skills as a professional plane pilot. Emily has been recognized by a number of Halls of Fame that do nothing but show the amazing credibility of this iron lady. Her uniform is put on display at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. She has been the owner of an amazing record for flying more than 21,000 flight hours. She also completed more than 3000 check rides in her career. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Eser Aksan Erdogan

In terms of efficiency, skills, and other human qualities, Eser Aksan Erdogan is an excellent female pilot from Holland or Netherlands. With strong professional ethics, Eser Aksan Erdogan is all set to leave a strong impact on every youth who has a similar ambition in the lives. Eser has more than 72,000 followers on Instagram. You easily understand what talents can never be hidden of proving to be a failure.

Most of these women pilots have been the international icons that others accept as their role model. Every beautiful helicopter pilot has the capabilities to inspire thousands of youths to join aviation industry of their respective countries.


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