The 10 Beauty Salons Which Are Popular and Loved By the Celebrities

There are many beauty salons in different cities in our country. There are also many famous salons that offer treatments and services to celebrities and they have an entirely different and a very luxurious ambience. The products and the services offered here are extremely good and visiting these salons can have a different experience altogether. Here are the 10 beauty salons which are quite popular and loved by the celebrities.

  1. Mad O Wot:

Sapna Bhavani the famous and renowned hairstylist is the owner of this salon Mad o Wot which is located in Mumbai. She, later on, increased her branches and salons in Mumbai and elsewhere.  She is famous for her bold and unique fashion statements and she has worked with many famous celebrities and is a favorite among them. Excellent services are offered at her salon in Mumbai. Some of her celebrity clients list includes- Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Gauri Khan, Siddharth Mallya, Mandira Bedi and much more.

  1. B-Blunt:

This salon brand is established by the famous hairstylist Adhun Akhtar and Osh Bhabani and has salons in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore. She is known to give unique and stylish looks to the celebrities and has worked as a hairstylist in movies like Dil Chahta Hai and Lakhshya. Here in this salon excellent services are offered to their clients and the results are extremely satisfactory.

  1. Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon:


This famous salon chain is established by Jawed Habib and has its presence throughout the country. His creativity, hard work, talent, and dedication helped him to establish his career as a hairstylist and made him very popular among the celebrities and the fashion world. He is the official hairstylist of all the contestants participating in the Femina Miss India Contest and also the brand ambassador of the famous hair care product brand Sunsilk. This Hair and Beauty Salon chain is also present in London and Singapore.

  1. Juice:

Customer service is a priority in this salon and a very good service is offered without being way too expensive. Here in this salon, the hair can be styled in a very less time and apart from hair styling the salon offers much more. It has its presence in Mumbai, Pune, and Dubai.

  1. Jean Claude Biguine:

This salon brand is only present in Mumbai in India and is one of the best salons in Mumbai for haircuts. This is a pretty expensive salon but the services offered here is excellent. Here in this salon, they provide you international treatment and styles that few other salons can.

  1. Toni and Guy:

This UK based chain has made a mark in the Indian market. This is a pretty expensive salon but the quality of service they offer is excellent and unparalleled. They also sell many beauty products. Many celebrities come to this salon because of the quality of the services offered by them.

  1. Creme Salon and Spa:

This hair and beauty salon is located in New Delhi and they offer treatments and styles that are offered in some of the best salons in the world at an affordable price. It has got an international ambience and the best services are offered to their clients.

  1. Monsoon Salon:

This beauty salon is located in New Delhi and they offer extremely good hair and beauty services to their clients. It is one of the most organized salons in North India and here in this salon, they offer the services of famous stylist Ron Anker.

  1. Metodo Rossano Ferretti:

This salon uses the method created by Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti.  Clients can get products and services of finest quality here in this salon. The salon is famous for offering the services of one of the best hair stylists in India Dimitri Lafiandra.

  1. Christiaan Georgio:

This salon is located in Mumbai and the clients can get the services of some of the best hair and make-up stylists in Mumbai. It is famous for offering quick fixes and that is why many celebrities come here.

Visiting these salons can have an entirely different and satisfying experience.

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