Dance Plus Season 3 : All About the Competition, the Participants, the Controversies and Everything else.

All about the show:Reality TV Show

Dance Plus Season 3 is a dancing competition show which is aired in the channel STAR Plus and Urban Brew Studios. The well-known and famous choreographer and film director Remo D’Souza  is the super judge and along with him, there are three mentors in the show Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak and Dharmesh Yelande. Raghav Juyal hosts the show. Each mentor has their own team consisting of participants who are selected in the auditions. Each mentor gives a challenge to one artist each from the other two teams. The mentor who throws the challenge scores out of five and the judge gives points out of ten and the judge also has the power to give five extra points. There are three rounds in the show- theme round, prop round and best foot forward. This year also has a new fourth round the international squad challenge in which one member of each team has to match the level of dancing of the international dancer who is invited to the show every week. The super judge scores out often here and he can also give five extra points. Based on the scores of these rounds, two teams reach the final. The fourth artist from each team performs and the winner is chosen by the judge. The captain of the winning team nominates two artists from his or her team to go forward and the judge chooses the artist who will go to top eight. There will be one winner at the end of the show. This show has provided the platform to all the talented dancers in our country to come forward and showcase their amazing dancing skills to the world.Dance Plus Season 3

The final participants in the competition:

The top four finalists in the show this season are- Bir Radha Sherpa, Tarun-Shivani, Amardeep Singh and Aryan Patra.  Bir Radha Sherpa is from team Punit and Tarun and Shivani, Amardeep Singh Natt and Aryan Patra are all from team Dharmesh. Bir Radha Sherpa is an 18-year-old dancer from Assam and he was also a participant in the show DID Li’l Masters. He is a solo dancer. He is a consistent performer in the show and has given some amazing performances by mixing contemporary with b-boying. Amardeep Singh Natt is from Mumbai and he is extremely good at Robotics and has shown some brilliant performances in the show. Aryan Patra is a 17year-old dancer from Ranchi and he is very good at Krumping.  He was a participant in Boogie Woogie and Jhalak Dikhlaja 9.He has given some energetic and flawless performances in the show. Duo Tarun and Shivani are extremely good at contemporary style. Tarun is from Nasik and Shivani is from Ahmedabad.   They formed a team on Dance Plus. They have got a fabulous chemistry and their coordination is stunning.Reality TV Show

The current situation in the show:

There were top 12 contestants and then there were top 8 contestants and now top four participants are left in the show –  Bir Radha Sherpa from team Punit and Tarun and Shivani, Amardeep Singh Natt and Aryan Patra from team Dharmesh who are competing with each other to be the winner at the end. The show has entered into a difficult stage and public voting has started which will decide who will be the winner and lift the trophy at the end of the show. All these participants are very talented and they have really worked hard to reach here. They are all amazing dancers and have their own specialty and skills. It will be interesting to see who will lift the trophy at the end among all these amazing talents.

The controversies:

It was rumored that Dharmesh Yelande who was a part of the last two seasons of Dance Plus might not be a part of the third season of this show. And instead, Salman Yusuff Khan was considered to be a third mentor in the show. Internet’s favorite dancing diva Dytto wooed the audience and the judges with her dance move on the stage of Dance Plus Season3. Her presence made the video viral and the video received some hateful comments from people. Audiences were in tears almost after watching one of the performances of the participant Amardeep Singh Natt. His act was very emotional and heart touching.

Dance Plus Season3 is an amazing platform for the contestants to show their dancing skills to the world. All the dancers in the show are very talented and they have already come a long way and all of them are winners already. They have already become famous and popular among the people and the audiences are wooed with the dancing skills of each of these contestants. Each one of them has got their own specialty, skill, and technique. It is surely going to be a very tough competition and it will be very interesting to see who will emerge as the in the end among all these talented dancers. All of them are so good but if I have to pick one as my favorite then it has to be Aryan Patra. The young boy is very talented and his moves are flawless. He speaks less but lets his dance do all the talking. He surely deserves to win the show.  All of them are very talented and it is surely going to be a nail-biting moment for all when the winner will be announced. Let us wait till then and enjoy the performances in the show.

Do tell us about your favorite contestant and what do you think is I his/her chances to win this season.

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