Famous Movies That Were Banned in India

Bollywood is one of the largest film industry in the world. Different genre of films is made here. Some turn out to be the mega hits of the year, some average hits, and some flops. Apart from these types of movies, there is a genre of movies that are deliberately banned by the censor board, which contains violence, boldness, vulgarity, gender taboo or any kind of religious and political issues. These banned movies are always kept out of the reach of the viewers.

Here’s a list of films which the Censor Board banned, in India:

  1. Salo (1975) –

This Italian-French film titled Pasolini,s 120 Days of Sodom directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini is about four fascist libertines who Kidnaps eighteen adolescent boys and girls and put them to 120 days of physical, mental and sexual torture. This movie was banned in numerous European countries as well.

  1. Kama Sutra – A Tale of Love (1996) –

Kama Sutra – A Tale of Love too, depicted the lives of four enthusiasts in the sixteenth century. This Mira Nair movie too faced the wrath of Censor Board which termed it ‘explicit’, ‘unethical’ and ‘immoral’ for the audiences of the nation which came up with the idea of Kama Sutra!

  1. Sins (2005) –

Sin is an erotic experience of a Kerala priest who falls for the charms of a woman and gets sexually worried with her. Filled with obsession and lust, Sins did now not go down well with the Catholics. The Censor Board too had troubles with the nude scenes and consequently, it was banned.

  1. Water (2005) –

banned movies

Water is another movie directed by Deepa Mehta which courted a lot of controversy because of its dark insights on the lifestyles of the Indian widow. Set in a sure Ashram of Varanasi, the script of the movie was once written with the aid of none other than Anurag Kashyap and took up controversial problems like ostracism and misogyny which have been alien to the Indian Censor Board lower back then.

  1. The Painted House –

banned movies

It incorporates three scenes where the woman lead is shown in the nude. The Central Board of Film Certification demanded that the three scenes need to be deleted. But the directors refused to make any alterations or deletions to the film. As a result, the film is banned in India.

  1. The Pink Mirror –

This film directed via Sridhar Rangayan focuses on two transsexuals and a gay youngster who needs to seduce a man. Of course, the film’s plot sounds like an ideal excuse for it to be banned.

  1. Mohalla Assi –

This movie starring Sakshi Tanwar and Sunny Deol is primarily based on the inhabitants of the famous locals in Varanasi and explores the commercialization of the holy metropolis and the foreigners being fooled there. Initially, the film’s uncut trailer was once leaked online, due to which a FIR was lodged against the makers owing to the abusive language used. It got banned end in April this year.

  1. Gandu (2010) –

This brilliant Bengali movie which got into the limelight in 2010 was based on a rap music which created a lot of buzz for its oral sex scenes and nudity.

  1. Black Friday –

This Anurag Kashyap film was based on the 1993 Bombay bombings. The released was blocked until the verdict of the lawsuit by using the Bombay High Court on the petition of the under-trials. Thus subsequently the film got released on 9 February 2007.

  1. Hava Aney Dey –

This film directed by Partho Sengupta has parallel plots where on one hand, India is going through a battle with Pakistan, while a teenage middle-class boy is attempting to repair his life in the suburbs of Mumbai. The Censor Board had recommended close to 21 cuts in the film, which the makers refused. Thus the film was banned in India.

  1. Magic Mike XXL (2015) –

It’s a movie about male stripping. The Board felt it is disrespect to the Indian culture. After the Examining Committee rejected it and a majority vote went against the male-exotic dancing drama, the makers had no choice but to halt the release.

  1. Unfreedom (2015) –

Unfreedom is a cutting-edge thriller which talks about a lesbian love story entangled within an Islamic terrorism-related angle. Bringing together two ‘taboos’ in one package, the Censor Board should no longer digest the nudity and the lovemaking scenes between the two protagonists. And accordingly, it was once banned.

  1. 50 Shades of Grey (2015) –

This closely sex-centric film was now not given a ranking with the aid of the Censor Board, even after the voluntary cuts made by using the way the distributors. They decided to stick to suited ancient Indian values, over blindfolds and handcuffs.

  1. Lipstick Under My Burkha (2017) –

Banned Movies

This film directed by Alankrita Shrivastava and produced by Prakash Jha, Lipstick Under My Burkha was denied certification by the censor board, which stated the story as “lady oriented’ and also objected to the “audio pornography, sexual scenes and abusive words” in the film. Interestingly, the film has won Spirit of Asia Award at Tokyo International Film Festival and the Oxfam Award at the Mumbai Film Festival.

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