Five of the most beautiful and hottest Russian actresses

Russia is known for its renowned historical events and it is one of the largest countries in the world. Earlier it was known as USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republic) and later it became a democratic country. Russia’s film industry is also growing in leaps and bounds. Mosfilm is a film studio which is the biggest and oldest film studio, recently £300 million has been invested for the revival. The Russian actresses are also making their mark globally. They are beautiful, gorgeous and hot.

Following are some list of best 5 beautiful and hottest Russian actresses:

1. Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina

Russian Actresses

Better known by her stage name Nyusha she is very renowned in the film circuit. Not only in acting, she is equally a gifted singer and as well as a song writer. She has sung more than 8 singles. Her family also belongs from the cultural world. Her parents were part of a musical group and they were equally famous too. She is extremely charming and beautiful and has got the impeccable acting skills.

2. Alina Artz

This beautiful actress is gorgeous and beautiful. She is a powerhouse of talent, she is a pop artist, television anchor, writer, and actress. Her evening shows Hot Secrets s AliniaArtts has garnered lots of rave reviews. She even lends her voice in the 2014 Winter Olympics torch relay. She is a charmer and has given some power packed performances in many movies.

3. Zoya Berber

Russian actresses

She is a renowned actress famously known for her performance in TV series  Real Guys for her character Lera Oborina. From a very early age, she showed interest in music and dance. She regularly participated in stage shows and from there she got her first break in TV series Lera Oborina. By Maxim, she was awarded as one of the sexiest women of Russia.

4. Evgenia Chirikova

This actress is known for her fantastic acting skills. Besides her acting, she is an environmental activist. She played a very important role in opposing in constructing of the motorway through KHIMKI forest. In 2011 US Vice President awarded her by giving “Woman of courage award”. She even received “Goldman Environmental Prize” award.  She is equally popular in the theatre circuit and she is the perfect example of beauty with brains.

5. Kristina Asmus

Another talented and beautiful actress from Russia. She initially started as a gymnast and at the same time, she used to regularly take part in theatre plays. Ultimately, she chose acting as her profession. She regularly used to take part in plays and from there she got her big break in television series “Interny”. From there it was no looking back. In 2011 she got an award for the best TV actress of the year. She got married to actor Garik Kharlamov. They have a daughter Anastasia.

These are the list of some best 5 Russian actresses who have made a mark in the Russian film circuit. It is only because of their sheer hard work and passion that has helped them to reach this height.


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