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Women have to play a huge role in their lives. Due to which, taking care of all of them together becomes the priority than focusing on self. As per the changing trends and times, women surely do expect some sort of changes into their body. This can be considered to be a great deal for them as changes may be for good or might be for bad as well. According to many experts, the life of women basically affects the upper portion of the body more. Due to which these changes begin showing their contribution in the form of a hair fall. It is said that women’s beauty lies in her hair and if they start to lose it, the occurrence creates havoc in their lives.

Discern the 8 reasons behind unexpected hair fall in females

  1. Exposure to excess heat

Women tend to use hair styling tools that include hair strengtheners, curl irons and other hair products that consist some harmful chemicals. Due to which it can cause massive damage to your hair. If there is a prolonged use of such sprays, mousse, colors or gels this may surely aggravate to hair fall.

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  1. Changes in hormones

Hormones in women may get imbalanced, as male hormones or androgen may cause small fluids like sacs into your ovaries and due to which you may see your body change. This thus gives a negative outcome as you won’t get the required growth of your hair and this will cause breaker-age of your hair from the strands.

  1. Period of Menopause

Women’s body hits menopause that changes the entire system of their bodies. As the hormones of estrogens levels get low in the body, this may cause the hair to get dry and because of which hair fall might begin as well.

  1. Anaemia

A women’s body requires proper diet and must contain proteins into it. If you avoid foods that are highly efficient in the matter of proteins, it may result in low production of haemoglobin. This explains the need for intake of fresh air and a proper diet work hand in hand to save your hair from getting weak.

  1. Deficiencies of proteins

One of the basic facts about the hair is that it is formed with a protein itself called keratin. Due to our non-involvements with the protein rich foods, our hair starts getting weaker and starts being depleted by making the hair brittle. Hair fall may begin and this may weaken your strands surely.

  1. Pregnancy

Many women experienced hair fall soon later their delivery. Actually, the period of pregnancy stays on when the hormone oestrogen is at its peak, due to which you may expect a good growth and volume of hairs. Soon later the baby is delivered the hormones needs to get back to normal and this change may result in the hair fall. Pregnancy.

  1. Sudden weight loss and medication

Many women try these crash diet courses to get back into shape while this may surely affect the growth of your hair as well. Diet helps you in depriving the essential nutrients. A diet surely puts a ban on certain items, which may increase your weight. Most of the women go for certain intake of pills and due to chemical infusions hair fall is the common deficiency.

  1. Bad hair etiquettes and No proper sleep

Combing your hair roughly or applying certain chemicals that include ammonia may cause damage to your hair easily. You must always use a clean comb, wash your hair properly, pat dry them and never comb them when they are wet. You must also take adequate amount of sleep that also shows negligence in taking care of your hair and health.

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