4 Real Life Playboys and their amazing lifestyle, that will blow your minds.

Bilzerian was not the first person to become a playboy and receive un-necessary attention for flaunting girls. Although, he has carved out a name for himself over social media; displaying on half-naked women, private jets and his penchant for yachting along with his wildly popular overloaded-with-sarcasm twitter updates, is now kind of starting to wear off. But don’t be sad, the world is yet not just free of the real-life Playboys, as of now. Let us take a look at these over-the-board highly anticipated lifestyles of the following Rich-play-boy-kids making it big on the Social media.

1) Tiger Woods:
Let’s be honest, who thought this boring-looking golf player would make it so big with one Cheating-Scandal that had the whole of Hollywood terribly shook? Who knew this scrawny-looking sad man would be having as many women as you can think of all the while being married to a really hot wife? He can not be called a PlayBoy in true senses, but neither does the Oxford dictionary has any definition for it, no? We can’t claim him any less than one, as he still manages to have a gorgeous woman on his arm and over his body, or maybe multiple women. No matter how Crappy his image is, women are always willing to take a ride on him or his millions of dollars.

Tiger Woods

2) Alex Rodriguez:
If you are a beginner in the Playboy business, and still trying to understand how to bag ’em, ride ’em and tag ’em, A-Rod knows everything. He ain’t slowing down any sooner on them A-list Hollywood, models & actresses and we don’t see it coming any later, either. All the men out there are pretty jealous of him, well, for a lot of reasons, but the prime reason being his early realization that Marriage was not his cup-of-tea and instead dated the likes of, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Olivia Munn and Torrie Wilson! He seems to enjoy his partying lifestyle and feels no shame in posting about it hugely on his social media, either. For A-Rod, Lavish beaches and Big mansions is what makes a home.
3) Travers Beynon:
Not many of you might know who he is, but that does not matter because clearly he eats better, rides better, plays better and EARNS better. He is generally known as the Australian Dan Bilzerian and very obviously, Dan Bilzerian is quite unhappy about it and rumor has it that the real Dan has even struck up a bit of feud with the said Dan, over jealousy? I reckon. He was once a wannabe soccer player who now plays women and walks them like dogs in bikinis. If you didn’t know about him, already, it is the time that you do! Because I bet you will be wanting a wife like his, who is actually pretty fine with him parading around the other women and spending money, too. Not forgetting to mention about his big millions, which comes from his family tobacco empire.

4) Scott Disick:
“Let the Lord be with you” is how the internet knows him. Well, to be pretty honest the world knew nothing about him until before the eldest of the Kardashian sister started dating him and later married him. The father of four, is, however, having the best time of his life. Women all around and new women with every hour in a day plus new women in every country is what you can say about his life in short. His big millions come from his ex-family, The Kardashians and ‘The big asses’ is what he says. ‘I am a sex addict’ is what did his image the crappiest of the crappy, but that hasn’t stopped him from partying day in and day out, or him having new girls and traveling distant countries multiple times in a month.

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