10 Great Inventions We Will Probably Never See

Creators and the inventors have always been around since the dawn of time. Initially, the early men build a fire to the time when the modern man made the super computer. A lot has been discovered, ever since, and it’s only safe to say that inventions have been instrumental in making life easier. But pretty obviously, most people tend to be obsessed with the historical firsts. Firsts are usually obvious, while we can never be sure when an event will be the last of its kind, right? So let’s have a look at the few of the last one-of-its-kind inventions.

Thanks to the Apocalypse, we will never see these Great Inventions ever in life:

1. Nuclear Energy for Residential Use:
Pretty obvious as it may sound from the title itself, nuclear energy used to be highly discussed means of bringing large volumes of power to the neighborhood, with an ability of only a small fraction of the nuclear power, a whole town could have made light for a supposedly infinite time. But, only until before the world knew about the radiations and the side effects of the nuclear power we were feeling too blessed with the presence of. But, not forgetting to mention the best of all, it was supposed to be a low-cost solution for an unlimited power, which would have saved you from the high electricity bills, today.

2. Fully Electric non-hybrid car:
During the late 90’s when the RnB music was at its peak, GM was the first to release the first of its kind, a fully electric vehicle. The GM only made 800 of these as it didn’t intend to be overly successful, as according to the reports from that time, the customers were highly dissatisfied with the battery-life and decided to scrap the entire line of vehicles in lieu of more advanced gasoline-powered vehicles out there. But it is believed that the actual reason for its failure was the excess pressure on the GM from the oil-gas companies. How I wish if it was today that the GM had launched a fully electric vehicle.

3. Hemp Biofuel:
Any commoner would misunderstand it for marijuana, Hemp has always have had a bad reputation among those who do not understand its true benefits. Pretty illiterate of those who do not know the true value of it is that you can extract ethanol in abundance from this powerful plant. Corn right now is believed to the highest ethanol manufacturing plant which is far more harmful to the environment than you can imagine.

4. The Ogle Carburetor:
Who does not dream about having a raised mileage per fill-up? Although modern cars have been able to do a great job in getting you farther in less gas. In the 70’s the inventor Ogle created a new type of carburetor, likes of which have never been seen since. Much like today, the gas and oil companies were starting to have a monopoly in the market. His carburetor is said to have been able to travel up to a 48 Kilometers per liter but was never made commercially. Licensing setback hurdles ensured that the carburetor was never mass-produced and died with its blueprints.

5. Rife Device:
During the 1930’s when the cancer was still deemed to be a virus, Royal Rife created a machine to blast away cancer, which created laser beams of some sorts that targeted the infected cells and eradicate them. 14 documented cases of terminal cancer patients being cured with the treatment may convince you on the success of this device. Later, Rife blames the allusion between the AMA and the medical organizations for dismissing his medical claims. However, much to our surprise, there does not exist any firm independent replication that his treatment actually worked.

6. Water Powered Vehicles:
As many surprises the electric vehicle has been to us, too much of our surprise there have been running dozens of working prototypes of vehicles that run on water. Of course, you don’t see much of them around, anyway. This one-of-a-kind invention achieved an average of 43 km per liter of water. The rumor has it that Meyer was a great deal of duress to sell the patent of his creation and end his research into water cars.

7. Nikola Tesla the creator of Free Energy:
Perhaps, the most well-known scientist of the world, today, free electricity for the entire world might lift up your ears and happen to be the most life-altering invention, ever. He was said to be working on prototypes claiming that he could transfer electricity wirelessly and supply power to a large area with a single tower. Tesla’s funding dwindled to nothing and his laboratory with the prototypes burned down to a ground.

8. A cure for heart disease:
How about if someone told you there once existed a cure for one of the most deadly diseases in the world? Much like the Rife machine, this is another remarkable invention that was stifled because of the then-existing treatment regime for the heart disease. According to the AMA, this feud dis-owned any institution and doctor who chose to practice this treatment. However, we mustn’t forget to mention that the few of the very rare patients who had their treatments done by this method rather claimed a worsening of their condition.
9. Sloot digital coding:
It hasn’t been a really long time since this invention had gone missing, much later during the late 90’s. With the ever-advancing technology, this coding system could have been a revolution in today’s storing capacity of the computers & mobile phone. Much to our surprise, or perhaps the worlds’, Sloot died under suspicious circumstances days before he was supposed to handover the original source codes, as the investors and buyers lined up for his great invention.

10. Cloud Buster.
There are certainly children out there who dream about a remote control to make it rain on command. Wilhelm Reich, when noticed a drought in his state of Maine, came up with an invention which is much likely dubbed today as the cloud buster. The reports from back then claim, saying there was no vicinity of rain in the area for as long as in months, but much to everyone’s surprise within hours of setting up his machine, storm clouds formed and it rained as good as like 25 inches of rain. Just as anyone would have expected, his research was shut down, his work and prototypes were seized, as though like the government was threatened by his research.

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