8 Women Whose Age is just a Number

Age and women are closely associated. People tend to make fun stories of women hiding their respective ages. But what if the phenomena become vice versa and age becomes nothing more than a number? Hard to believe, but true for the following 8 women age is nothing more than a number as because not only by heart but by looks as well they are young and dynamic and give complex to their younger relatives. Here you go:

  1. The young and energetic lady from Taiwan

At 63, when people face wrinkles, this woman from Taiwan is making big on the social media. She looks as young as a lady of 30 years that too without any additional cosmetic surgeries in place. Her daughters are also blessed with the same magic. Even after seeing 40 winters in their life, their age looks a year more than 20 years. This amazing family is showcased on the net and has gained popularity for life.

  1. The mother of twin daughters, Tina

Tina, the mother of twin sisters Kaylan and Kyla looks nothing more than their third sister. In a recent, even the trio posted a picture on the internet stating who is the mother? I wonder. And surprisingly no one pointed out at Tina being a mother. It was amazing to see that people were nothing more than enthralled to see the three women together posing for them. Tina had fought with the age with a focus on internal beauty.

  1. The Yummy Grandmother @ 47

The 47-year-old Zaklina is the grandmother of two little monsters. Though looking at her no one will even say she is married. This is what you can call the magic of nature. There is no age impact on her face or anything else and she just enjoys the sarcastic and eve-teasing comments even now. She does not feel like being old rather she flaunts it wearing hot bodysuits and dresses which ensure her young at heart attitude.

  1. 50-year-old Jane who even looks like her daughter

Being young is one, and being identical is another. Jane went on for a plastic surgery spending a hefty 13000$s just to look at her daughter. Today, this mother –daughter is known as twin sisters where the only difference between the two is height and eye color which couldn’t be altered by Jane.

  1. Pamela from UK who is often mistaken as her son’s GF

At 52, what would you expect when you move out in public with your son? This son has a real difficult problem as often people mistakenly take his mom as his girlfriend. Though the lady is fine with it, the son faces a real problem getting along with a real mate as often the relation breaks because of the rumors of being seen with another girl.

  1. The lady with awesome looks @ 36

Generally, by the age of 35, women start having blemishes and marks on the face. Though, this beautiful lady looks nowhere less than her daughter who is just 18. These ladies roam around together and are seen as friends rather than a mother-daughter duo. Strange but true, they go to college together where the daughter is in her graduate school while the mother is pursuing her doctorate in the same college’s doctoral board. Women

  1. The lady of Eternal youth from Japan

Often, Japanese ladies are known for their beauty and more than that their stunning looks which they carry which hardly reflect the age. But this lady had left all behind, at the age of 48 she looks nothing more than 20. An ex-model and being into acting for a longer phase today she is famous in the entire Japan as the lady of eternal youth.

  1. 60-year-old fashion model

At 60, hardly a woman can think of doing modeling, but this glamorous Grandmother of two proudly does modeling at the best. She does not mind showing her skin too as she is blessed with a golden figure and maintained it even at this age. Telling about her secrets for staying young, she reveals that it is all because of the healthy and natural food which I take.

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