3 Richest Beggars who can make you envy of them

There was a time when begging was considered a hand to mouth job, though today scenarios have changed. At the time of financial crisis, generally, we think that we are nothing more than a beggar, or even worse asking for an increment in front of the boss, makes you feel nothing less than a  We just feel shit about this feeling of begging things. But there are some people in the world who enjoy begging and are earning their livelihood better than an educated software developer could even earn after 5 years of in a job. Amazed, to hear this? We are not kidding, as there are some beggars in our country who have amazing financial income from their full-time profession called begging. As per a report, recently a beggar was found dead on the Mumbai streets and had an unbelievable set of property in the Malad area in Mumbai, along with a bank account in Swiss bank in addition to 5 lac rupees in the begging box he had, and a bank statement which declared his expenses of more than 40K in a month. Here, in this article, we’ve shared the rundown of richest beggars in India who can make you the envy of their respective earnings. These are the folks who are truly rich and without a doubt can give you a complex with their benefits and property belonging.

They are rich and still, they don’t mind begging for the heck of their habit to beg. They consider it as a proud and only mode of living. Check out these truly rich poor people who don’t wish to abandon their habit of begging even after turning rich. As it is said, “Once a beggar, dependable a homeless person, though today the definition has changed”. Regardless of how rich they would become, they love their profession to an extent that they hardly can do without it. They could never wish to quit as it has given them what they own today.

No.3 Beggar of the country: Bharat Jain

Bharat Jain, a resident of Mumbai, has a property worth 1cr 40 lacs in Mumbai. He is considered to be the wealthiest homeless person in India who has two condos in the Malad region of Mumbai. Apart from that, he possesses a juice shop which gives him an extra salary of 10,000 rupees consistently per month. Aside from the rents from those two condos, which is nearly around 60,000 rupees per month, he also earns around 60,000 rupees with the just mere profession of begging. His education stature to give surprise is “uneducated”. Still thinking the job you are in is better than begging, I wonder.


Following him on No. 2 is Sarvatia Devi from Patna

Sarvatia Devi, She is one of the celebrated poor people in Patna. She voyages every day in trains at Patna, begging down the tracks. To your surprise, she pays Rs 36,000 every year as the premium for an insurance policy.  Not only that, she owns a stationery business which makes her income to nearly 40000 rupees a month.

The top slot at no. 1: The Golden  Lady; Laxmi Das

She began her task of begging at the tender age of 16. She has spent as long as 50 odd years. At the age when a common person retires, she is happy to continue her job without any major challenges. Asking her about whether she will continue this profession, she says proudly in Hindi “Aj main jo hu, bheekh or utaran ki vajah se hu”.She can remember her early days when she was used to earning anas and today the rich people give this rich beggar an alum of 100 rupees. even, without being aware that she spares a total income of 1 lac+ on monthly basis. It is famous in her community that after her death, the seven generations of family can earn without being on road.

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