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IMDb had been the most elite group for ranking Bollywood Films. Their standard of ranking movies had been extensively praised and had followed by every Bollywood critic. There are many movies which had been ranked on the IMDb. The standard which follows includes a ranking 1-9 where 1* leads to the least viewed films and 9* to the top-rated movies. The following is the list of top rated movies which had scored the top rank in the Bollywood is as follows;

  1. M.S. Dhoni with 7.8*

The movie based on the life of the ace captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was a hit on IMDb. People downloaded and watched the movie again and again. The story of the movie was around Dhoni and the struggle which he faced. It also explored some part of his personal life, which was initially objected, though after mutual agreement later was accepted by Dhoni to be shown on television. It was a biopic which went across his life happenings and challenges. Though on theaters it didn’t create that big impact, overall it had a huge success.


  1. Dear Zindagi with 7.9*

Shahrukh and Alia’s first movie together on the theme of living life without tension was a big flop on theater. Though this movie managed to leave a good impact on IMDb and people did view the movie with interest, though were also seen depressed out of the over acting which Alia showcased in the movie. Probably this movie was the worst of all the Bollywood films in Shahrukh ever acted in.

  1. Airlift with 8.2*

With a budget of 300 crores, Akshay and Nimrat Kaur starrer Airlift was all about the struggle of an India settled in Kuwait because of the evacuation of Indians from there.  The movie was a thriller as usually Akshay’s movies are and were liked by the audience very much. The movie scored 8.2* on IMDb that means it was a good movie and people enjoyed watching it.

  1. Baahubali2 – The Conclusion with 8.6*

The movie which sizzled the theater for good 10 weeks, and is enjoyed by everyone to the fullest by everyone in the theater is on no.2 with 8.6*. People downloaded and watched online on IMDb with perfect scores on the cards. The second part of Bahubali which released in the year 2014 was better than the first part. It was the background score which clinched the entire show as people loved the lyrical composition of songs in the movie. Released in more than 15 languages Bahubali 2 succeeded in almost every language. I personally enjoyed watching this Bollywood film with the tagline flashing on the screen “Katappa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyu Mara”?

  1. Dangal with 8.7*

The perfectionist’s perfect movie which released in the year 2016 was based on the real life story of Geeta Phogat who was from Haryana and who won a gold medal in the 2010 commonwealth games. Amir Khan who played the tough dad with a commanding nature trained his daughters after being disappointed because of not having a son. The movie was also found inspirational and had a fun factor which people enjoyed wholeheartedly. The rank on IMDb is on the top with 8.7* ranking.

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