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Gone are the days when men were thought to be superior due to their physical strength and other differences that put them ahead of the women. Today, you cannot find one single area where women have not registered their strong presence. The presence of women in the armed forces is really a pleasing change that has taken the world by surprise. It is good as well as honorable to see women to see women carrying deadly weapons that can kill hundreds of men in one shot. Undoubtedly, it shows the strong will power and determination on behalf of the female soldiers.

Today, almost all leading countries have separate contingents of female soldiers who can always compete with men in any field. However, women are very pleasing and they often fail to hide their facial beauty even if they are carrying weapons in the hands. Following are the top eight countries that have the most beautiful women, soldiers:


Israel is one country where it is compulsory for every woman to join an army. The country necessitates every single and married woman to join the army till they do not become mothers. The Israeli army is believed to have some very beautiful women soldiers. As a matter of fact, Israel tops the list of the countries that have the most beautiful women soldiers.


When it comes to being the leading countries with most beautiful female soldiers, Russia comes second only to Israel. The country started including women in the army after World War II. Out of possibly 1 million soldiers in the army, women have a sizeable number.


Romania is one country that pays equal request to men and women soldiers. Women played a pivotal role in the World War II. Today, the presence of women can be seen in every department of Romanian Army.


Greece is known to be a country that has the most beautiful women. Therefore, you can always expect the presence of glamorous women in Greek Army too. The fact does not disappoint or state you false or wrong too.

5. USA

The most powerful army in the world, the US Army has made it mandatory for the women to join the army. As a matter of fact, women soldiers have been an inseparable part of US army since 1775. As per the statistics, out of 165,000 women soldiers, 35,000 work as officers in varying capacities. 


Like the countries listed above, Sweden also has a rich tradition of including female soldiers in the army. The Swedish women are accepted for their outstanding beauty characteristics. The Swedish army has a large number of beautiful ladies soldiers.


The entire world admires the women in the Czech Republic for their outstanding facial beauty. The beauty pageants all over the world are often dominated by wonderful women. Quite understandably, the army of the Czech Republic had every chance in the world to have some of the most beautiful women soldiers too. The Czech Republic Army has some real beauties working as soldiers in various capacities.


As far as the presence of the most beautiful women soldiers is concerned, the British Army is not left far behind. The county has separate contingents for women who are accepted for their real beauty. They have been serving the army in different capacities.Female Soldiers

If feels good to see the women soldiers are protecting the borders of their respective countries standing shoulder and shoulder. It is good to remember that their beauty does not deter them from carrying out the stern actions to protect the Army and ultimately the country.


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