Four Evil Scientific Experiments which Could Have Ended the Earth

The ages long debate would never come to an end that make people involved to decide if science is good or bad. As a matter of fact, science has given birth to many useful devices, gadgets, and other inventions that help the humanity to survive and prosper. On the other hand, it has developed some extremely harmful things that even destroy the whole earth as well as the universe. The scientists are to blame here as their efforts create a line of distinction between what is good and what is not. As far as the credit of bad or good scientific experiments is concerned, it should go to the scientists only who make everything possible to get their product in the end. If the scientists are to get awards for good inventions, then they are also likely to get the punishment if they make something disastrous.

Following are the Four Evil Scientific Experiments that could leave a disastrous effect on the earth:

1. The Nazi Concentrating Camps

All historians accept that the Nazi Concentration Camps had the most damaging instances. Actually, these camps were the captive centers where prisoners were kept. They were punished in the most barbaric way that people cannot even think about normally. These camps were under the control of Dr. Joseph Mengele who was known for his extremely cruel inventions that he used on the prisoners in those camps. He did not kill them in one attempt. Instead, he set examples of cruelty before killing them. He did not spare the little kids. Injecting the eyes of the kids with harmful dye to lighten them is believed to be the worst thing that they did to kids there.

2. Biological Weapons

In quite a few wars in the past, the warring armies have used biological weapons against their enemies. As the name suggests, these weapons had extremely harmful germs and other organisms that can cause mass destruction with their extremely harmful impact. The Japanese army used these weapons. They even used the germs that caused a plague in the areas where they used the weapon. As a result, the destruction was massive. It killed hundreds and thousands of innocent people in the worst affected areas.

3. Nuclear Weapons

Till now, the world has experienced the destruction of nuclear weapons when the US army dropped a couple of bombs in two different cities of Japan in 1948 during the Second World War. These two cities were Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were completely destroyed by the effect of the bombs. You can easily estimate the destructive capacity of these weapons by the fact that the people still give birth to diseased and handicapped children even today after more than 69 years have passed after this sad event took place. The bombs killed numerous people within just a few seconds.

4. Chemical Weapons

Like the biological weapons, the chemical weapons also have a serenely harmful impact on the human body. The weapons explode the moment it fired or burnt. The weapons have extremely harmful chemicals inside them. They came into contact with the air, and they start reacting in a flash. The chemical is very dangerous as they do not get one single chance to decide what to do and what is not. They die the moment the weapons exploded and came into contact with human body. The sight of people, especially kids, dying due to this weapons is very pathetic.

Scientific Experiments

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