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If you talk about engaging and healthy entertainment, then you cannot ignore the significance of movies. These are the dramatized representation of stories that are filmed with the use of latest technologies. The makers of modern movies spend a huge sum of money on filming the whole story, and they often do not hesitate to make a wise use of computerized animation. The Hollywood films are absolute masterpieces that are created with the latest techniques. The producers create special sets and put in special effects to make every sequence livelier than you may ever think of. As far as Bollywood films are concerned, they are not far behind, as the directors and producers are showing a readiness to include great visual effects in their movies.

The following list of 10 Movies with mind-boggling visual effects can be worth enjoying. See if your favorite movie is included in the list or not:

1. AVATAR: Film lovers, critics, and other experts agree to the fact that Avatar by James Camaron has been the most memorable films with amazing visual effects. It is a 3D movie that has amazing photography along with superb thinking and visual effect. The film was admired by millions of movie-lovers. It earned around more than $3 billion. The film was completed in 7 years! Can you believe it?

2. INCEPTION: A film by Christopher Nolan, Inception is a remarkable movie that would be remembered by the film lovers for many years. The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, and Michael Caine. The film was a super hit and gather appreciation from people all over the globe.

3. 300: Whenever people would talk about movies with amazing visual effects, 300 would be among the top. The sequences of war are really amazing. The use of imagery with sparkling colors is the highlight of the movie.

4. THE TITANIC: Amazing movie indeed! The sequences of sinking Titanic are made real and that was possible only because of great use of special visual effects. This film by James Camaron won 14 Academy Awards in 1997. That amazing achievement is enough to prove the greatness of the movie.

5. LORD OF THE RING: RETURN OF THE KING: The film has quite a few sequels and most of them were amazing. The Return of the King is more praiseworthy just because of its wonderful imagery and mind-boggling visual effects.

6. KING KONG: The film had a budget of $207 million and a large portion of this whopping amount was spent on getting the right visual effect. It is one of the most popular blockbusters of all time that people love to watch again and again.

7. INDEPENDENCE DAY: A film by Roland Emmerich, Independence Day would rule the human mind for its amazing special visual effects. Based on the story of alien invasion, the film has amazing fight sequence. It is a science fiction that captures human mind and attention completely.

8. TRANSFORMERS: Based on Robot science fiction story, Transformers is a landmark movie by Michael Bay. With both amazing visual effects and audio masterpieces, the film is an all-time hit for passionate movie lovers.


9. BAHUBALI 2: This is an Indian answer to Hollywood as far as visual effects are concerned. The sequel of Bahubali, this second version is richly adorned with visual masterpieces. If you have not seen the movie so far, then get the ticket o the next show at your favorite theater. You’ll certainly love it.Visual Effects

10. STAR WARS: A pure science fiction by George Lucas got immense popularity all over the globe for its space wars. With amazing fighter planes and superb warheads, Star Wars created a virtual planet where people fought bravely against the aliens.

Most of these movies are known for the mind-blowing visual effects. Most of them are the greatest hits of all times that every movie lover would love to preserve in his own library. Get your copy now, if you have done it so far.


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