10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Reportedly Pregnant Before Getting Married

Falling in love, getting married, and becoming parents are a few things that happen in almost everyone’s life. This is some of the most accepted steps that everyone loves to have. The society also welcomes these things in a sequential manner. However, there are exceptions too, especially in the lives of Bollywood Celebrities. Since they are related to movies and love to create various images in their movies, they often mix reel life and real life. The actresses often fall into some sort of relationships. Their relationships are also influenced by films that often depict them as unmarried mothers. However, very few ‘reel life’ actresses have become unmarried mothers. They have become pregnant before they got married but they got their life partners before the child was born to them.

Following are the 10 Bollywood Celebrities who Got Pregnant before they got married:

1. Sarika: Married to a very well-known actor Kamala Hassan, Sarika got pregnant before she got married to him. Sarika gave birth to their first child Shruti Hassan in 1988 after she married Kamala Hassan. The couple has another child in the form of Akshara Hassan.

2. Nina Gupta: The name of Nina Gupta was very popular due to her relationship with Sir. Vivian Richards, the legendary Cricketer from West Indies. Though she never got married to this cricketer ever, she became pregnant as well as an unwed mother. Later, Nina was married to Vivek Mehra, a Delhi-based Chartered Accountant, in 2008.

3. Sridevi: The heart throb of yesteryear, the ‘Hawa Hawai Girl’ Sridevi also got married before she got married to Boney Kapur, a popular film maker in Bollywood. Later, she gave birth to Jahnavi Kapur after getting married to Mr. Kapur.

4. Konkona Sen: This popular actress was in a relationship with her co-star Ranvir Shorey. They lived together, and she got pregnant. She gave birth to her first child in 2011.

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5. Amrita Arora: This beautiful Bollywood actress also became pregnant before she got married to her boyfriend businessman Shakeel Ladak. Due to her pre-wedding pregnancy, the couple got married secretly too.

6. Mahima Chaudhary: The wedding of well-known actor Mahima Chaudhary and director Bobby Mukherjee took place very secretly as Mahima was pregnant before the wedding. She gave birth to her daughter soon after the wedding was made public.

7. Veena Malik: Known for her multiple controversies, Veena Malik also became pregnant before she got married to a Dubai-based businessman. Many gossips can be found on her child that was born after her wedding. 

8. Celina Jaitley: Before announcing her relationship and wedding with Peter Haag, a businessman and hotelier from Dubai, Celina Jaitley got pregnant. The news reports say that Celina was pregnant with her twin children much before she got married to her man. The children were born shortly after the marriage was announced.

9. Anoushka Shankar: Popular guitarist Anoushka Shankar got pregnant before she got married to her friend Joe Right, a British producer. She gave birth to boy child a few months after getting married to her man.

10. Lisa Haydon: Another popular Bollywood Celebrity, Lisa Hayden captured the headlines of almost all news dailies due to her relationship with Dino Lalvani, a businessman by profession.

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Though marriages are not always controversies, they often created much interest among the public as the life of actors and actresses always attract their attention. These Bollywood celebrities did not make any mistake in any case as falling in love and getting married is a natural course of life. However, the only thing that brought them controversy is that they become pregnant before getting married to their men.

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