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Gorgeousness is just a melting down word when it comes to defining the beauty of Russian women. Sultry, seductive, attractive and smart are the right words to justify their elegance. Being a complete package in terms of well-toned body, splendid looks, beautiful face, impressive personality and intellectual brains, these ladies are a dream of every man. In fact, they are known in the world for their incredible charm. Hailing from fashion, movies, politics and various other fields, these Russian women have the ability to attract anyone.

Some of the most beautiful Russian women are:

1. Anna Kournikova

One of the best known Russian celebrity belonging to the world of tennis, she has retired from the game. But, her beauty had such an attraction and charm that even Enrique Iglesias could not resist her. Besides being an ace Tennis player, she has worked in films, television series and modelled for magazines.

2. Maria Sharapova

Stated as the best Russian beauty, Maria Sharapova has an exceptional talent in playing tennis and has won numerous accolades. In fact, her irresistible charm spread to such an extent that lots of brands came her way as endorsements.

3. Irina Shayk

A model by profession and gorgeous dame by looks, Irina Shayk started her modelling career by winning “Miss Chelyabinsk 2004” beauty contest. Further to this, she has appeared extensively on the Armani Exchange spring/summer 2010 campaign, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Kanye West’s music video ‘Power’.

4. Dana Borisova

Being a very popular Russian TV host, Dana Borisova has been awarded a Diploma by the Ministry of Defence of Russia for her achievements in patriotic propaganda. She has an incredibly beautiful charm with a tendency to allure anyone. In fact, her gorgeous looks and pretty eyes are quite stunning. Dana looks exceptionally appealing like a sweet doll.

5. Elena Zakharova

Being a well-known theater and television actress, Elena Zakharova is a stunningly beautiful woman. Initiated in the world of acting at a very young age, she has a fall for Russian literature and foreign languages. After her graduation, she began working in Moon Theatre. Further, Elena worked in reality shows and then got married to the CEO of Systematic Software Solutions in Russia. Soon she became the mother of a daughter, who died in her eighth month. And this led to the separation of the couple.

Russian beauties have been popular in the world for their inquisitive looks, mesmerizing beauty, ethereal mysticism, and strong willed nature. Adding to the splendid charisma of the Russian beauties are other factors that make them top the chart. Tenderness, compassion, dedication, and intelligence are those words that glamorize their beauty. These authentic beauties have the ability to allure others within much less time and this has made them be on the desirable list of all men. There are numerous women in the world, who have been known for their exotic looks; but, the Russian women have always been a bit superior to them.

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