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Facebook Facebook has been one of the most dangerous yet developing social networking websites that have created bonds for life. You can make new friends or find friends whom you lost in some era of your life. Facebook has created much such helpful awareness and Mark Zuckerberg has been appreciated for the site that has almost all the people of the world slowly being connected with latest newsfeeds and to post pictures of their own.Facebook

Remarkable facts about Facebook

  1. Videos are most shared content

Posting twice on Facebook between 10 pm to 11 pm has the highest availability of the users online. Yet the post regarding sharing videos is higher than the text-based and photo posts, which are on average, receive about 89.5 shares per video.

  1. Awesome was the former name of the Like button

Andrew Bosworth mentioned about his and his team’s obsession about the awesome button.  After some years, Zuckerberg settled for mentioning it as a like button. After which the users appreciated it.

  1. More than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook

Posting ads on Facebook have already put on a positive effect though. The all over idea was cost-effective through Facebook Ads. This online platform helps you targeting the entire world business that is up to the mark yet ongoing likely.

  1. Paypal co-founder was the major investor to back Facebook

To commence Facebook the venture capital was $500,000, initially. Peter Thiel invested into the same and later on sold its stakes in the company $1 billion or more.

  1. The first face of the Facebook was an actor Al Pacino

The weird person on the Facebook posts you see is the first face of the Facebook and he is none other than the sensational actor Al Pacino.

  1. Reason behind the blue color of the Facebook interface

Marks Zuckerberg is color-blind, due to which he can only see is blue in color. This color blue has been a dominating on the world of mobile apps and on the Facebook website.

  1. Hacker working for Facebook

A hacker named Chris Putnam once hacked Facebook in 2006 and created different ids similar to that of MySpace, whom the Facebook hired into their team of experts though.

  1. Facebook was used by Iceland to rewrite its constitution

Due to massive Facebook exposure in Iceland, 2/3 of its population is on it. So the constitutional council with the help of social media through discussions and debates and finally posted it on Facebook in the year 2011.

  1. YouTube king Steve Chen worked for Facebook initially

At the beginning of his big career, Steve Chen was the co-employee at Facebook and later on, he used his own start-up plans to bring up You-Tube. That’s amazing!!

  1. Saying No to photo sharing

Mark Zuckerberg was never interested in adding the photo sharing option on Facebook. Yet Sean Parker convinced him to add the feature. Yet being one of the successful photo-sharing online portal

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