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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that were created for helping people to communicate irrespective of any barrier. In terms of membership, India is growing fast. The concept of fan following pages in Facebook came in the year 2011 and since then gained immense love and support from the users. Wondering who are there on the list of top 10 popular Indians on Facebook? Here you go with a detail on the same.

  1. Priyanka Chopra

The Bollywood beauty queen is the 10th most popular Indian over Facebook with 15, 287, 695 fan count. She is also the 3rd highly paid actress who has offered her fans with various opportunities to rejoice her being.

  1. Madhuri Dixit

Bollywood hot diva Madhuri Dixit is also the most iconic actress of the 90s and also sizzle the screen with her moves till date. She is the 9th popular Indian on Facebook with over 15.6 million fans which make a total of 15,694,918 likes on her profile. ·

  1. Amitabh Bachchan

Big B- one of the megastars of Bollywood cinema acquires the 8th position when it is all about popularity over Facebook. He today has over 16 million fans all throughout the world with his profile counting 16,272,686 likes.

  1. Virat Kohli

Not only Bollywood stars, even crickets have made way to popularity on Facebook. Kohli being a prominent example today has over 17,597,562 likes on his official profile. This makes him the 7th most loved and popular Indian on Facebook.

  1. Salman Khan

Salman Bhai- the Dabangg star has acquired over 20 million fan count on his Facebook fan page thus standing as the 6th most popular Indian personality in Facebook. The exact like count sums up to be 20,702,010 till date.

  1. A.R. Rahman

The Oscar-winning singer-music composer, Rahman enjoys a fan count of 20.9 million over Facebook. This makes him the 5th popular Indian over the most popular social networking site- Facebook with 20,990,593 likes.

  1. Deepika Padukone

The diva who has left the world amazed with his sexy dance steps and moves today is the 4th popular Indian on the most used social networking site-Facebook.  Deepika who has also made entry to Hollywood has a fan count of over 22 million and her Facebook profile enjoys over 22,493,171 likes. Presently, she is also one of the highly paid actresses in Bollywood.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar


Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is the most popular name when it comes to Indian Cricket. Well, not just in field, Sachin has gained popularity even on Facebook with his profile having over 22.9 million fans and counting 22,928,480 likes ·

  1. Narendra Modi

The ruling prime minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi is also the leader of BJP. He is the 3most popular Indian personality on Facebook with his profile having over 22,904,810 likes. In short, he has over 23 million fans.

  1. Yo Yo Honey Singh

The first occupant of popular Indian Personality on Facebook is Rapper, singer, music producer and actors Yo Yo Honey Singh with his profile counting 25,543,653 likes.

Wrapping up

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