7 Most Expensive Costumes Ever Worn by Bollywood Celebs | Expensive Bollywood costumes

Bollywood has always been known for its extravagant style and fashion and the costumes of the leading actors and actresses reflect the same. We a mesmerized by the beauty and the designs of the outfits and most of the times they become the trend of the entire country. One such example was Rani Mukherjee’s collared Kurtis in Bunty Aur Bubly. She grandly paired them up with Patiala and long skirts and we went gaga for that style. It became a must for all female closets.

Bollywood is considered as the fashion hub of the country. We like to follow the larger than life characters and try their fashion path. Sometimes it is possible, but sometimes not.

While some costumes are created to woo the mass, some are created to just add to the grandness. Some Bollywood costumes were so expensive, that we can only look and appreciate the great work of the designers and the view of the filmmakers. Here is a list of some of the expensive Bollywood costumes ever worn by the Bollywood celebs.

1. Sonakshi Sinha in TevarTevarBollywood ActressBollywood

Sonakshi looked absolutely ravishing in the song “Radha Nachegi” from the movie “Tevar”. The song received a huge number of like on Youtube. However, the cost of what she was wearing will blow your mind. The beautiful white costume and the others things she was wearing in the songs were worth Rs 75 lakhs. The cost of this song alone was Rs 2.5 crores.

2. Kareena Kapoor In Kambakkht Ishq Bollywood Bollywood

Though the movie had everything, it failed to woo the audiences. However, the mind-boggling thing about this movie was Kareena’s famous black dress. Rumour has it that it cost Rs 8 lakhs. Wooo, Bebo!

3. Madhuri Dixit In DevdasDevdasBollywood

Madhuri broke all records of elegance in Devdas as Chandramukhi! How can we forget the mesmerizing green costume from the song Maar Dala? It is said that each one of her suits in the movie was worth more than Rs 15 lakhs as there were many precious stones and expensive embroidery works on the dress.

4. Aishwarya Rai In Jodha AkbarBollywood

Aishwarya played the role of princess Jodha in the movie who become the Rajput wife of Shahenshah Akbar. To portray this role she was dressed royally throughout the film. It is said that every costume that she wore in the film cost around 2 lakhs each.

5. Shah Rukh Khan In Ra. OneBollywood

This is by far the most expensive costume of Bollywood and who better to wear it other than King Khan himself! Ra.One did not see much success on the Box-Office. However, the special costumes that Shah Rukh wore as the title character was worth almost 4.5 crores and there were 20 costumes. Yes, you heard it right, Rs 4.5 crores each. If we sum up all fo them, then the total price of all the 20 costumes would be around Rs 90 crores. (What?)

6. Salman Khan In VeerSalman KhanTodaytoptrendz.com

This movie was set in the pre-independence era. In the movie “Veer”, Sallu Bhai wore six expensive costumes with a price tag of 20 lakhs each.

7. Rajnikanth in RobotTollywood

This movie broke lots of records in India. According to a report, the price of the Robot costume in the film was worth more than 3 crores.

Let us keep our eyes open and see what comes next!

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