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This competitive technological world has witnessed the birth as well as the exit of numerous popular websites since the birth of the internet. On another hand, various websites have also grabbed public attention and have become an indispensable part of human life, rather it would better saying that these websites have become nothing less than man’s best friend.

This article highlights top 10 globally acknowledged websites as per Alexa’s list of 500 websites trending today over 30 million + domains. Though the web stats of Alexa are updated each day its best ranking system consists of more than a few diverse criteria including a website’s global reach as well as page view count.

Considering the above-said feature, here are Top 10 Popular Websites Ranked by Alexa:


This is one kind of well-liked search engine and Popular Websites from India and income is per hour  Rs. 23070/-


This is one kind of Popular Websites and an admired search engine with videos having buttons for rating, comments, as well as contests. Youtube’s income per hour is Rs. 2328/-.


This is one kind of trendy search engine with web pages, images, as well as videos and income is per hour  Rs.3020/-.  4.

This is one kind of trendy search engine attached to the people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and income is per hour  Rs. 6774/-

.  Popular Websites


This is one kind of service provider and Popular Websites proffering search results, customizable content, and income is per hour Rs. 533/-


This is one kind of free encyclopedia constructed jointly using wiki software and income is per hour  Rs.1390/-.7.

Flipkart is one of the leading destination for online shopping in India and income is per hour Rs. 6324/-



It is one of the best banking portal, which proffers secure access to all and income is per hour 23070/-.


It proffers online booking of rail ticket, as well as checking of ticket reservation status and income is per hour Rs.2143/-

10. Amazon.comAmazon

These are the top 10 Popular Websites Ranked by Alexa but before you go ahead using these, here are 10 easy tips you should follow for getting your site off to a good start and income is per hour Rs. 17418/-

  • Do Proper Keyword Research

Try and find the best keywords for your niche and use just three or four sitewide. Using google’s keyword tool, you want to check for keywords that get between 10 and 50 thousand searches per month.

  • Buy A Domain With Your Keyword In It.

When you buy a domain, only buy one with your keyword in the domain name. Always choose domain if possible,

  • Keep Your Content Fresh And Updated

Search engines love websites that constantly update their content and this will immensely help your website ranking.

  • Share Your Content On Social Media.

Share all your content on social media as that will get loads of backlinks to your website. Be sure to use the main keywords you want your site to rank for when interacting on Social Media.

  • Get Back Links To Your Website

Backlinks are links to your site from other websites. Search engines love backlinks because they show that a site is popular.

  • Speed Of Your Website

This is something that search engines are taking a lot more of concern and will form part of your page rank.

  • Structure of Website

Search engines love blogs which is one of the reasons why so many internet marketers have them. WordPress is by far the most popular and there are loads of plugins available to optimize your WordPress blog even further.

Wrapping up

There are many ways to optimize your site for good search engine website ranking. These are just a few but are all very simple to implement.



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