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Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales launched Wikipedia in the year 2001 on 14th of January. It is a multilingual- free internet encyclopedia that is supported by Wikimedia Foundation- a not-for-profit making organization. A research has estimated that Wikipedia has over 30 million articles published in 286 different languages along with an estimated 4.2 million published just in English Wikipedia. These contents are written in collaboratively by Wikipedia volunteers all over the world with the sole mission of letting people know about the famous personalities. Mostly all these articles can be easily edited by almost anyone having access to this site. Today Wikipedia is acknowledged as one of the most popular and largest information sites over the internet with around 365 million readers.

This article celebrates 10 most popular persons on Wikipedia.

1. Whitney Houston

The first and most popular Wikipedia personality, Whitney Houston’s profile has a view counting 13,647,009. She was an American actress, record artist, model, and producer. She passed away in the year 2012 due to excessive use of cocaine followed by a heart ailment.

2. Barack Obama

Mr. Barack Obama– the much loved former (44th) President of the United States is the second popular person on Wikipedia with his profile having 13,534,907 views till date.

3. Gangnam Style

Not a person but a dance form, it is the 3rd most viewed profile in Wikipedia with a view count of 13,129,876. Gangnam Style is a K-Pop single that was released in the year 2012 by Psy-the South Korean Musician.

4. Mitt RomneyWikipedia

Willard Mitt Romney, also known as Mitt Romney is an American politician and businessman who has served as ‘Governor of Massachusetts’ (70th) from the year 2003-2007. He was also the nominee of the Republican Party for the post of the President of the United States in 2012 election. He is the 4th popular person over Wikipedia with his profile running a view count of 13,051,298.

5. Nicki Minaj

Born as Onika Tanya Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s profile has a view count of 12,837,171 making her the 5th most popular personality over Wikipedia; she is a Trinidadian Born American singer, rapper, songwriter, television personality, and actress.

6. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the 6th most popular person on Wikipedia with his profile having a view count of 12,671,643. He is a Canadian actor, pop musician, and songwriter-singer. It was Scooter Braun- an American talent manager who first discovered Justin in the year 2008.

7. Adele

Adele’s Wikipedia profile has a view count of 12,641,391 making his the 7th most popular person. Born as Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, Adele is an American musician, songwriter-singer as well as instrumentalist.

8. Eminem

This 8th most popular Wikipedia profile has a view count of 10,670,633. Eminem is better known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He is a popular American rapper, songwriter and record producer. He also has some interest in acting.

9. Rihana

Rihana ‘s Wikipedia profile has a view count of 10,016,622 which makes her the 9th most popular personality. This Barbadian actress, recording artist and fashion designer were born in Barbados, Saint Michael. Her career took a kick start after her meeting with Evan Rogers- a popular record producer in the latter half of 2003.

10. Adolf Hitler

This German politician and Nazi party leader have around 9,869,055 readers till date which makes his profile come as the 10th most popular one over Wikipedia. Hitler was a German Chancellor from the year 1933 to 1945 and also dictated Nazi Germany since 1934 to 1945.

Final say

So, if you haven’t yet checked any of this Wikipedia profile till date, do have a look and celebrate their popularity with them.



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