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She, the winner of Miss world, 2000 has made her way to the list of highest paid television actresses by Forbes, has rocked all the talk shows she has been called and has also nailed all the red carpet events with her exotic appearance. With the girl next door personality, Priyanka Chopra has grabbed million hearts all throughout the world.

Often referred as Piggy Chops, she is best known for putting even the simplest outfit in an unusual and stylish manner. The way she speaks brings out her confidence and sense of humor. The world is going gaga over her outfits and if you are not yet familiar with them, it’s time to take a look at the style goals Piggy Chops has set forth.

So are you ready to go ahead? Here are 15 styles statements set over by PeeCee.

  1. Trench Coat- Met Gala, 2017

Priyanka Chopra

Met Gala is not just meant for the fashion aficionados but for anyone who finds interest in glamor. It is a popular annual exhibition whereby designers adhere to a specific theme for the year and come up creating designs that do translate their respective ideologies.  The theme of this year was Art of the in-between (Comme Des Garcons) and it was PeeCee’s dress that was one most talked about. Not just the trench coat dress but the manner in which she presented it- with her confidence and attitude, left everyone stunned.

  1. The Alex Parrish Look

Priyanka nailed the Alex Parrish look with skinny jeans, leather jacket, black boots followed by a badass attitude. It was followed by hardly any makeup and with aviators on. It no surprise why Quantico is an instant success.

  1. The Glamour Mag Edition

It was all abouyt a mint green oversized tip with a pair of dior boxers. You don’t sound comfortable with it? Well, Priyanka again proved that it is your confidence and attitude that matters at the end and not your dress.

  1. Distressed –drooling Jeans

Priyanka is fond of distressed jeans and she can be found wearing the same at most of the time- be it for birthday parties or airport spotting or film promotions.

  1. The Oscar Vanity Fair

Priyanka is now a hit at every red carpet event and can compete easily with any Hollywood star. At Oscars she rocked the red carpet in black sequined Micheal Kors dress and was titled as the best dressed one for the party.

  1. Distressed jeans with long jacket

It’s again the same style but with some touch of difference.  Priyanka at times love pairing her distressed jeans and demin shirt with a long jacket, messy bun, aviators and white shoes.

  1. Blue-Beachy Affair

It’s not a bikini that you have to put on each time you go to the beach. It can even be a blue beachy dress like that worn by Piggy Chops for a recent photoshoot she had. She paired the same with no makeup look and got the beachy wavy hairstyle.

  1. Easy Breezy

Anita Dongree is a popular soothing and simple outfit designer which is why she is a favorite of Priyanka Chopra. In the crop top and azure blue pant look, she seemed to have got all the comfort she was desired for. The same was paired with simple Amrapali jewelry.

  1. Boyfriend Shirt And Torn Jeans

Yet another reason to celebrate fashion with Priyanka. She looked comfortable and stylish indeed in a striped oversized shirt with a loose fitting- torn jeans.

  1. Off-shoulder Dress

Thigh-high sits off-shoulder maxi dress is something that cannot be overlooked when talking if fashion statements created by Priyanka. This sultry yet highly stylish dress style is presently in trend.

  1. A Greek Goddess!

In a blue Salvatore Ferragami Dress paired with the silver cluth, complimenting hairstyle and captivating smile, she looks nothing less than a Greek Goddess.

  1. Victoria Leeds

The dress that Priyanka Chopra wore at the release of the first teaser of Baywatch has created another style parameter for her fans.

  1. Sizzling In cobalt blue Versace dress

She grabs each and every chance to amaze her fans with her fashion sense and hence she did the same with her breathtaking cobalt blue Versace dress.

  1. Desi Girl avatar

She never fails to amaze her fans with saree as well. Her desi girl avatar from Dostana till amazes people.

  1. Beauty in Peach-Brown Gown

Rocking a dress without a single accessory is not possible until you are Priyanka Chopra. She left everyone stunned with her peach brown gown that came with a keyhole neckline and ruffled sleeves.

Final say

That is all from the array of style statements created by Priyanka Chopra. If you too want to grab the attention of the on-lookers, go ahead with any of them but do keep the occasion in concern.

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