Top 10 most beautiful libraries across the world

If you are a book lover then the world’s most beautiful libraries will give you another reason to get indulged in the world of books. If you love reading then you know the feeling of joy and happiness you get by picking a book to read and if the ambiance of the reading space is beautiful and enchanting then it’s a delight for any reader.

The list of splendid libraries are quite long across the world but few of them will blow your mind with their interior and décor. The beauty of these libraries will captivate you and compel you to fetch out the bookworm in you. The architect of these libraries is planned in such a way to provide comfortable sitting corners with proper lighting. These libraries are huge but are so well planned with alluring décor that provides you easy access to any volume.

Libraries which will make you fall in love with books

These libraries are so pretty that it attracts lots of visitors to admire its beauty and the work of many writers. Here is the list of 10 among the most beautiful libraries across the globe.

  1. Baroque Library Hall, Clementinum

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If you are in Prague or visiting the place in near future then visit Baroque Library Hall, Clementinum. The complex hosted the most beautiful library in the world. It is very nicely decorated with frescoes which depict science and arts.

  1. Dokk1 Library, Schmidt Hammer

Another Classic structure Dokk1 Library, Schmidt Hammer Lassen spread in the area of 323,000 square-feet. It is located close to the river in Denmark. The library is made spacious and airy with huge glass windows with the city view.

  1. George Peabody Library, America

George Peabody Library which is another beautiful college library in the John Hopkins University, America. It is also called as ‘the cathedral of books’. It has five-tier atriums for books and each of them has classy balconies made of wrought iron.

  1. Yangzhou Zhongshuge, China

You can see an amazing library in China with a very different kind of architecture. Yangzhou Zhongshuge is made beyond imagination. The lighting, the bookshelves, and the decor is made such that it portrayed like a tunnel. You will get a huge volume of books to read and enjoy.

  1. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

It is a classic building for book lovers as it has a huge volume of books of the entire world. The main reading room has the statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom.

  1. Central Library of Vancouver, Canada

It gives you a reason to enter and pick a book to read. The building provides a space for gathering. It is beautifully structured and planned.

  1. New York Public Library

It is on the list of most beautiful libraries across the world. It has a grand hall with huge windows. The entire place is with large beautiful chandeliers.

  1. Marciana Library, Venice

It is the biggest and the most significant library in Italy. It has a classic décor and has a contribution by many eminent artists.

  1. Trinity College Old Library, Dublin

It is the largest among the libraries in Ireland and has a large collection of books.

  1. Bodo Public library, Norway

The grand structure with magnificent décor of this library attracts lots of book lovers and is very famous in Norway.

A little more than a beautiful library

Enjoy reading the world class books in these libraries when you visit these places. These beautiful Libraries will not only provide books from any corner of the world but also give the royal touch and peaceful ambiance for reading.




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