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All the animated films are considered an awesome mode of spreading the ethical idea. Not only has it rendered knowledge to the kids but to elderly people as well. The main focus in any anime movies is on the ideas rather than on which actor is playing which role and so. There is a huge quantum of effort exerted on making the cartoon characters but here comes the point- as because they are made, they are always made with the certain goal in concern. All the movies that are mentioned here in the list have been made as well as loved by both kids and adults.

  1. Big Hero

Issued in Walt Disney in the year 2014, this movie has garnered about 431 million dollars at the Box Office. Big Hero narrates Hiro Hamada’s story- who is recognized as a robotics genius and fights the villain. He is taken to the university than by his brother so that he can make use of his genius in a better manner. The film was premiered in Abu Dhabi and was widely acclaimed by the public.

  1. Wreck-It Ralph

It is a 3D animated comedy film that was released in 2012. It tells the story of some video game heroes who become free in power cables leaving their roles. The game covers everything that can happen when you are playing video game such as crashing and bugs with the characters moving within their city tactfully dealing with the problems you encounter.

  1. Brave

This movie is a work between Walt Disney Pictures in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios in the year 2012. Brave is a computer-animated movie that presents a popular female character in the records of cartoon, animations, and cinema. And the reason is there are only a few movies till date that shed the light completely upon women. The heroine-Merida fights for her freedom and family with her bow.

  1. The Croods

This movie narrates the story of Eep who is found living through various difficult circumstances. It is a 3D animated movie that was released in the year 2013. Eep is a very ferocious fighter who lives with an overprotective dad who keeps her away from everything with the answer ‘No’ to each of her requests. They belong to the stone age and lives in a cave.

  1. Tangled

It is a musical animation that was released by Walt Disney Animation Studios in the year 2010. It is the story of the Rapunzel and Eugene- the story that every child and even grown-ups are fond of.

  1. The Incredibles

This animated comedy released in 2004 narrates the story of ‘Supers’ who live unsatisfied lives.The movies actually revolve around Mr. Bob- who is better tagged as Mr. Incredible and keeps himself busy in freeing his own family for using their power. The movie concludes with the superheroes fighting the villains.

  1. Up

It is a 2009- 3D animated movie under the banner of Pixar Animation Studios. It narrates the story of Carl Fredricksen who got married to Elle who later realizes that she is not fertile. Their journey continues together until Elle’s death.

  1. The Ice Age Meltdown

It is the sequel to Ice Age that was released in 2006. In this film, the iceberg melts down leading to the characters enjoying their lives in the pools.

  1. Frozen

This 2013 released 3D animated movie is about Princess Elsa who possesses some supernatural power with which she produces ice all on her own. However, due to a mistake, she ends up putting her kingdom into ice for a winter month.

  1. Finding Nemo

Animated Films

Issued under the banner of Walt Disney, it is a 2013-3D animated adventure that narrates the story of some fishes who curse their fate of being ruthlessly hunted and then being eaten by human beings.

So if you have not watched any of these animated movies yet, grab your chance to go ahead with the same.

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