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Champions TrophyDo you remember the last time when Pakistan had ended up to the finals of an ICC ODI tournament? At that point, of time Virat Kohli was just 10 years old. In the finals of 2017, ICC Champions Trophy may create a history at the Oval on Sunday. Even though Pakistan faced a tremendous defeat to India, many along with the Pakistan Fans helped them to reach up to the finals. Earlier in the tournament, India proved to be a defending champion. It also made a remarkable victory over their opponents due to which India remains to be a favorite.

Playing the role of an underdog in the tournament, Pakistan has dragged off a campaign worth making it to the finals remarkably. Now, the contest between the two frontiers will be begun, which will be India’s Batsmen v. Pakistan’s bowlers. Both have been interesting rivals; let us hope the best for both of these to get their nerves put on hold. While there were not enough opportunities in the tournament so far as India’s middle-order will be a great consideration.

Peek through the clash in terms of numbers

  1. ICC Events finals-India

At the ninth appearance, India will be in the finals of an ICC event. Yet Australia made 10 more such appearances at the finals.

ICC Events Result
Prudential World Cup 1983 Winner
ICC KnockOut 2000 Runners-up
ICC Champions Trophy 2002 Winner
ICC World Cup 2003 Runners-up
ICC World Twenty20 2007 Winner
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Winner
ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Winner
ICC World Twenty20 2014 Runners-up
  1. ODIs battle

India has defeated Pakistan three times when there were four ODIs being played in England.

Matches India Won Pakistan Won Tied/NR
In India 30 11 19 0/0
In Pakistan 27 11 14 0/2
Neutral 71 30 39 0/2
Total 128 52 72 0/4
  1. At the Oval, ODIs battle between India and Pakistan

Predominantly India’s winning percentage is much higher than the Pakistan’s. India won through straight 35.71 and Pakistan 22.22, on the other hand, the winning percentage at the Oval’s ODI. For the ODI at the London ground, for the first time ever India and Pakistan will face each other. The worst stats of Pakistan are in the ratio of 0.285 amongst the teams who won either one of the ODI at the venue.

Team Matches Won Lost Tied/NR
India 14 5 8 0/1
Pakistan 9 2 7 0/0

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  1. ICC ODI events India v Pakistan

ICC Champions Trophy has been luckier for the Indian team as it won consecutive 18 matches so far unlike that of the other teams. While it was a loss of Pakistan in 12, such games in the respective tournament, India defeated Pakistan.

Matches 10
India Won 8
Pakistan Won 2
Tied/NR 0/0
  1. ICC ODI events at the finals-India v Pakistan

Pakistan has surely stayed on the upper hand in the ODI tournaments finals. Yet India has a consecutive record against Pakistan in The ICC ODI tournaments.

Matches 10
India Won 3
Pakistan Won 7
Tied/NR 0/0
  1. ODI Final tournaments- India and Pakistan

In the ODI tournaments, Pakistan team’s impressive winning percentage is 42.86 which is much higher than the India’s which is 40.32.

Team Matches Won Lost Tied/NR
India 62 25 32 0/5
Pakistan 56 24 31 0/1
  1. Former 10 ODIs

India has proved to me marking its way towards being the fan favorites many by winning seven matches in the last 10 India-Pakistan ODIs. The unpredictable Pakistan team has already proved their strength in the tournament so far.

Team Results
India W, W, L, W, L, W, W, W, L, W
Pakistan W, W, W, L, W, W, L, L, L, L
  1. ICC Champions Trophy and its overall performances

Here India won its spot at two such occasions one in 2002 that was against Sri Lanka and the other in 2013. New Zealand won the match by defeating India in the finals in 2000. Even with the previous three times defeats in the semi-finals of the Pakistan’s maiden still appeared at the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy.

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