Take Inspiration from the Top 10 Daredevil Hot Single Moms of Bollywood

The world of Bollywood has many ups and down for ladies and women and thence it has proven separate results for some ladies who have proved Hot Single Moms and have followed on to make their careers after separation from their dear husbands.

To understand this valid concept more, here are top ten of them and their presence grace women life after separation and thence they have set examples by proving how life has to be to care children and make them great even in absence of their Fathers. 

Single Moms of Bollywood & their Contributions

1. Kanika Kapoor

Considered as a Baby Doll in the singing of Bollywood, Kanika spends her time as a single mom and has led the regime to furnish in a proper way as she is a mother of 3 children and manage all of them pretty fantastically.

2. Karishma Kapoor


Married to Sanjay Kapoor in past and being separated from him due to controversial reasons this Bollywood star has shown great impetus and thence leads a unique formula for single moms around.

3. Sushmita Sen

The star legend of Bollywood and Miss Universe of 1994, She has been living her single life in past and thence leading her daughter to a right direction she has proved the role of Single mom in a finer example to set for others.

4. Shweta Tiwari

Another hot actress who cast in Films and Television and did have item songs, she separated from her husband around 2001, but she sets a great example as a single mother caring her children in a unique way forward.

5. Amrita Singh

The first wife of the Nawab Safalee Khan, she separates from him and thence has led her daughter Sara to a proper life to prove her quality as a Leading mom caring for her children in a leading example forward.

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6. Pooja Bedi

Another Bollywood actor who has led countless talk shows did face a marital challenge and thence she separates from her husband, Yet she leads the example of a single mother in her way and thence been a great example for Single Mothers around.

7. Malaika Arora

Considered as one of the great pioneer of Bollywood and earlier wife to Arbaaz Khan, Malaika settled on to shift her gears after separating from her husband and thence she has set a great example as a caring single mom after leading a separate life for herself.

8. Sarika

An actress of Maratha-Rajput passion who belongs to Delhi did face a various challenge of her life which made the result in separation from her marital life; in such way, she changed her goal and proved a unique mother in the single world to make things become much inoffensive around.

9. Susanne Khan

Hot Single Moms

Being a family relative to Bollywood Acting house and after having great years of templates with Hrithik, They did separate in past and thence since then Susanne hasn’t looked back and started to care for her children in form of a Single mom to care and present great example for single women impressions.

10. Mahira Khan

Considered as a great influence actress and being the part of Raees– Mahira has been a caring mother also who cares for her son as a single mom and thence proved a great deal of impact by such movement for her life.

In such way, these Daring moms have proven to the world that the life doesn’t end after separation and since such moves, they have been living their life’s in a great spectrum and made their life easier and a great example for those who wish to live a single life.



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