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Like most household appliances an AC or Air Conditioner is also a major commodity which is evident in Indian homes. Particularly in the Summer time, the weather is very uncomfortable because of the scorching heat. An AC just does the opposite in regulating the indoor conditions much favorable than the outside so that we can get fresher and cooler inside. ACs come in many types (window; split; cassette), sizes (.05 ton; 1 ton, etc) and features (turbo cool, auto clean, etc) including the more energy efficient ones though they are heavy in your pocket. Let’s see the top 10 in this list.

1. LG

This South Korean Giant manufactures all types of electronics and appliances including Air Conditioners. These ACs come as residential, light commercial AC and Multi V AC. A special mention here is that the Split ACs comes with Inverter V technology with the faster cooling power of 1.7% than normal and power savings of up to 66%. These also come with features like monsoon comfort, auto clean, dual protected filter, etc.

2. Daikin

Daikin, the Japanese multinational company who manufactures primarily ACs is second on this list. They offer a wide range of Air conditioners like wall mount, Ceiling mount, VRV IV at an affordable price. They also offer cool features like- auto restart, 4-way 3D cooling, a special Titanium Apatite Photo-Catalytic Air Purifier Filter etc.

3. Hitachi

Another Japanese multi-commodity manufacturing Giant, Hitachi has made a synonymous name in the Air conditioning segment too. These ACs come with state of the art technology. They have some fantastic features like auto climate technology, rotary compressor, Kaimin (a technology which provides Optimum cooling condition without creating the chill effect) and silent cooling etc.

4. O General

General Air Conditioners is a joint venture between Fujitsu General of Japan and ETA-Ascon group based in Dubai. The company manufactures premium ACs known for its quality and durability. They carry a host of features like inverter ac, tropical rotary compressor, Long-life ion deodorization filter etc.

5. Mitsubishi

Another famous electrical, automobile and electronics brand have also evolved as an innovative and high-quality AC manufacturer. These air conditioners also come with the Kaimin technology. Other features also include highly efficient DC motor, Anti-Bacteria Filter, Auto Mode, Dehumidification, Moisture Removal, Thermistor Temperature Control to name a few.

6. Samsung

Another South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung also makes ACs from its numerous product ranges. The Samsung products are well accepted in India including the air conditioners. To name a few, their ACs comes with Anti Allergy Coating, Anti-virus Coating, Multijet Technology, Dehumidification etc.

7. Blue Star

One of India’s leading air-conditioning companies, Blue Star specializes in commercial ACs for Banks, Cinema or Multiplexes, Dairy, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Applications, IT and ITES, Malls, Offices, Pharmaceutical companies, PSU or Government and Restaurants. They have a wide array of features like Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator, Auto Restart with Memory Backup, Anti-Acarien, and Silver Ion Filter, Anti-Freeze Thermostat etc.

8. Carrier

Carrier Corporation is a brand of United Technologies Corporation Building & Industrial Systems, based in the US and is credited with inventing modern ACs in 1902. The ACs comes with superior technology including features like 350 CFM Air Circulation, Cold Catalyst and Bio Filter, Electrostatic Dust Filter, Vitamin C Filter with Anti-Bacterial Filter etc.

9. Videocon

With its diverse range of consumer and home durables, Videocon has also worked in the cooling segment with its powerful AC ranges. Their innovation has been top notch with its recent launch of India’s first WIFI AC. These products come with 5200 W Cooling Capacity, Anti-bacteria and Dust Filter, Thermistor Temperature Control, Electronic Operational Control to name a few.

10. Voltas

Air Conditioners

A part of Tata Group, Voltas has a considerable amount of expertise in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration segment. They carry features such as Anti-dust, Nano silver – filters, Hydrophilic Aluminum fin, Indoor Units with LED display, Anti-Fungal Clean, and Auto Restart, Glow Buttons, Cross Flow air vent etc.

To conclude, these equipment are a necessary part of any household, especially in summers when ACs provides a respite indoors. Point to be noted is that these machines consume a lot of electricity and purchasing one with Energy BEE star make it a popular choice for consumers. Though they do not come cheap they are efficient enough to draw less power, thus saving on electricity bills.

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