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Sometimes Air Conditioners can be a bit heavy in your pocket when you are on a budget. This summer gets an air cooler to keep your pocket healthy with these budget air coolers. Here is a list of top 10 best air coolers of 2017.

1. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler (White)

This is one of the best coolers for your home. It has a water storage volume of 12 liters and powerful air throw of 1,000 cubic meters, effectively cooling up any room in lesser time. The fan speed can be set as medium, high and low.

2. Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre Room Cooler (White)

This smaller and versatile cooler is suitable for both home and workplaces. It is made with the use of rust free, thermoplastic fixing and comes with castor wheels for convenience and chips away at effective engine that produces less clamor.  This cooler from Bajaj has 36 liters of water tank limit, and 4-way air diversion framework.

3. Symphony Ice Cube 6.5/8.5 kg, 105 Watts Air Cooler (White)

The third cooler in the list is another masterpiece by ‘Cooler King’ Symphony. To give you better cooling, this cooler is designed with three-sided sided cooling pad. It also uses of dura-pump technology for a lasting life. This device is easily moveable about the house because of its robust and multi-directional wheels. This air cooler generally comes with a mosquito net to diminish harm caused by insects and dust. In case of a power cut, it runs on an invertor to give to lasting comfort.

4. Symphony Diet 50i 50-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White)

Symphony has been ruling our hearts as well as the cooler market for a longtime. This cooler is a perfect blend of progressive insight meets excellent hardware. It has a computerized control board and a remote control. It occupies less space and creates fantastic vitality proficiency. It is incorporated with iFunctions. This cooler accompanies a time guarantee of 1 year which makes it extremely tried and true.

5. Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

Crompton Greaves PAC 201 air cooler well addresses the issue of heat and dust particles. This personal air cooler is a perfect buy for all small spaces. It comes with a sleek and attractive design to jazz up your room; it will perfectly fit into any domestic design setting. It has a strong cooling technology in the form of almighty air throw, velocity control, and air deflection mechanics to defend you in that hot, sweaty summer. It has plastic castor wheels for highest ease of portability. Its motorized fin mechanism, along with water level indicators makes the machine even more comfortable to use.

6. Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White)

This brilliant cooling gadget has been highly appreciated by the users. The insight and powerful cooling system cools down any room in a matter of just few minutes. The water storage capacity is up to 31 liters, which guarantees that it won’t run out soon. It has a high air conveyance rate of 1,750 cubic meters and is accompanied by a superb ice chamber.

7. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler (White and Light Grey)

The strong air breeze and super cooling capacity will win your heart. The tank storage of this cooler is 20 liters, an air throw of 11 metes and its auto-fill capability. This snow breeze super cooler will make sure that your summer goes on with ease. This air cooler from the popular brand has functions that stand out help you bring down the temperature in a faster way and more efficaciously.

8. Symphony Jumbo Jr. 22-Litre Air Cooler with Trolley (White)

This small cooler holds huge surprise. This cooler from Symphony comes with an intense fan which guarantees quick cooling. The extraordinary wind stream will chill you out in no time. It is well-suited for little rooms, youngsters’ rooms, and offices. Its 14-inch fan and 22-liter water tank limit is worked to guarantee a cool and accordant environment.

9. Bajaj PC 2014 20-Litre Room Cooler Review

Bajaj PC 2014 glacier air cooler is suitable for all types climate. It comes with 21 liters of water tank storage, 4-way air aberrance system, and castor wheels for easy mobility and works on the strong motor which generates less noise. This air cooler could be used in office and in the home for effective cooling throughout the day.

10. Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-Litre Room Cooler (White)

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If you are looking for a cooler with reasonable price grab the Bajaj DC 2016 glacier air cooler and cope up the humidity of summer. It is designed with a huge 67-litre tank storage so that you can enjoy refreshing cool air throughout the day. It comes with 800 square feet cooling and 90 feet air throw and provides cool air, the body is made of thermoplastic, which make your air cooler lighter and has better fatigue properties which in turn help in tolerating larger deflections and thanks to its castors wheels that offer easy mobility.

So don’t suffer this summer. Make it easy, make it cool.

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