Sneak Peek into 2016’s Biggest Social Media Trends

As you know it, the social media landscape has been evolving at a quick pace. Almost everyone lives and breathes it daily. It is one of the most important marketing tools of today’s time as that is where a maximum number of customers spend their time.

Throughout 2016 social media trends grew, changed and grew some more. Marketers had to stay upright and adapt to the fast emerging trends, quickly and effectively. The rise of brand new platforms and the expansion and growth of others was indeed challenging. But, with the help of new technologies, marketers were able to follow the path of success.

It is anticipated that even in the year 2017, these trends will continue to grow and gradually turn successful. Let us now figure out 2016’s biggest social media trends.

  • Facebook is the omnipotent platform, it is everywhere and it does everything. As soon as Facebook Live was introduced, it became popular amongst all sorts of audiences. With the 5mp mobile camera in your pocket, you can reach out to a maximum number of audiences and share your views and opinions. People love to watch videos and this is what is taken into count. As a matter of fact, Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. With creative filters, Live has made it easier to express oneself in ways that delight one’s, followers. This trend will not fade away easily and will ‘live’ and grow in 2017 and beyond.
  • Snapchat stories were the talk of the town till Instagram’s story hit the market and grabbed millions of eyeballs. Snapchat’s signature “stories” gives us a glimpse into the shared experience of concerts, events, and real life. Instagram’s new story feature has created a massive buzz in the social media and the smartphone-centric world. Furthermore, it is superior to snap chat is many aspects.For example growing an Instagram audiences is much easier than creating Snapchat following. Secondly, Facebook owns Instagram and has the access to Facebook’s advertising platform. With the help of Instagram advertising, one can target mobile users and deliver supreme quality ads, generating traffic for around 50 cents a click.
  • Mobile messaging apps has become an integral part of our lives. Mobile has occupied an important space for a long time, with approximately 2.6 billion Smartphone users worldwide. As these mobile messaging apps gain popularity with every passing year, they still have a bigger role to play and a long way to go. If we look ahead at the future of these apps, it is possible that they will soon work for a purpose that goes beyond instant messaging. The chief way to success lies with the end-user experience. Talking about Whatsapp, we simply love the fact that it is so user-friendly and adding people to your network of connections require nothing but the number. With the introduction of video chat in it, life has become much easier.The other mobile messaging apps are on track, finding better ways to compete with one another. On Snapchat, users can send money to one another inside the app, whereas Line gives the facility to its people to pay for things at physical retail stores with the help of Line Pay, a dedicated payments service. And with the growth of mobile messaging apps, it is important that businesses integrate them into their social media strategy.

Take the instance of  Uber, recently, it has partnered with Facebook Messenger, which permits customers to hail a ride through the mobile app.

Though businesses don’t have a product to sell on Facebook Messenger, yet, mobile messaging apps can be used to interact with customers. For the times to come, we can surely expect to see new and exciting developments in the fast moving world of mobile messaging apps.

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